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Hey #WCI ... @JonhaRULES!!! 

*waves* Hi #WCI,
My name is @JenFriel, and you have a loverly lady up for a very big job with you - and I would like to publicly state my support for her.
Yep, I'm talking about @JonhaRules

Does the twitter handle not say it enough??? This girl is amazing. But why do I support her? For only the 2 most important reasons in the world!!!

1. We both wear PJs ...

Mine are sock monkey
Hers are heart shaped

2. We both have black hair. You know how smart those black haired chicks are ...


And yeah ... PJs and black hair seem like a valid enough reason to hire this chick. Cause, if like, that isn't good enough, then I don't really know what is.
Fineeeeeeeeeee ....
She's also:
super smart
a go-getter
unapologetically awesome!!!!
I would personally hire her if I could. So snatch her up before I do! =)
TNTML supports you 100% @JonhaRules in your contest!!! Best wishes!!!
Feel free to tweet me: @JenFriel
or contact my personal Facebook as well for an even more in-depth recommendation.
I really don't have enough awesome things to say about this chick! At least not enough that can be dictated in a single blog post.


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