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<editorsnote> Hi, I'm Jen Friel, and we here at TNTML examine the lives of nerds outside of the basements and into the social media, and dating world.  We have over 75 peeps that write about their life in real time. (Real nerds, real time, real deal.) Sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the stories!! </editorsnote>



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#ShitGotReal: Oh hello new media production company!

AHH!! Nerds!!! I am so. so. so. so. SO. EXCITED!!! I am sooooooo proud to announce that we are officially launching a new media production company.

A new media wwhhaaat??


Here, lemme break it down for you.

So, there is a LOT going on behind the scenes right now. Like a lot a lot. Like so much, my head has literally gone all Linda Blair and begun spinning ...


That shit be crazy!

This site is less than 2 years old, but it is my heart, my soul, my everything on display for you all everyday. I post my inner most thoughts, have friends share their stories - this site is my world - clearly. I am SO fucking proud of it. That being said ... this is just the beginning.

I live life organically, publishing said life as a "lifecaster," and then the biznass woman in me will look back at certain aspects of it and figure out if anything can be packaged. Like my dating experiment! Totally totally TOTALLY organic. I went out on 96 dates in 8 months before I realized what was up, then I thought hmmmm this could be a rad thesis - lemme pick a round number to stop at (hence why it was 103). That experiment is now going to be turned into a scripted TV show from the peeps that did Elf, Wedding Crashers, Meet the Fockers, Hot Tub Time Machine - and a whole bunch of other flicks (read more here). And technically speaking, they were already interesed in developing a scripted show around my lifestyle (I met these dudes through a screening I hosted of Hot Tub Time Machine) - but when we sat down in March for our first IRL meeting with the entire team at SoHo house, they found the social dating experiment to be the most interesting. Everything got structured around that.

I also now have so many adventures and what not that my lifestyle attracted management, (hello, Generate!) and we are developing an unscripted show based on my life. So fucking rad, man! I'm even meeting with E! Entertainment this afternoon.

ANNNNNNDDD, from theerrreeeeeee ... I wanted to start kicking it with people in each city I was traveling to having these adventures (as like minded peeps need to hang out together). After I started hosting these events, I was looking around at all of the people and they were all bloggers and influencers in their own given field - so it was this light bulb moment of real girls having real experiences!! We're having GENUINE fun, and GENUINELY talking about it in social media. There's something here!!! Then my twitter buddy Jenn Hoffman (from NBC's The Apprentice), came out to one of our LA events (#NerdsUnite: Beer Boobs and Barneys) and was also inspired by what she saw, and said we should do an events company!! I freaked out going DUDE!! I had the same idea!! We've been working together for about the last 2 months, and now have GirlsIRL. Real girls, having real experiences and documenting in real time. (There's only been a soft launch of the site, but you can see more here)

From theerrrrreeeeeeee ... I also got a literary agent (Foundry Literary Media - out of NYC) to write about my adventures bartering social media to live, and how other peeps can do it too! Dudes, I'm not special, just awesome. ANNYONNNNEEEE can do what I did. It was easy peasy. 

And lastly, as if anyone needed more on their plate, @meowmistidawn and I are working with some uber big wiggie peeps on our new show (an expansion of #NerdsUnite: 2 girls 1 livestream) which will be web based to a certain capacity. That's the ONE thing I can't say anything more about right now ... but we tape this week, and I am SO SO SO SO SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!

I am taking all of that awesomeness, and this website as a property and funneling it into one new media production company. Mashable's Ben Parr is helping me out with the company structuring, and acting as a senior advisor on all of the projects - and there are three more people involved in the behind the scenes structuring of adventures and securing sponsorships. (How did I meet Ben? Oh, from when I crashed the Grammys to meet his boss.)

This is all such a dream. come. true!!! Can't believe it ... so fucking awesome. Dudes, like I said, we're not even two years old!!!


I didn't fully know what I was doing when I started this site. I had a general idea, and a concept - but it was through following what felt good, and what GENUINELY made me happy that made all of this click, and work so quickly. When you're following in your joy, and bliss, things just appear - because you are ready.

Please please please please PLEASE stop doing anything you don't like doing in life. Hate your job? Quit it! The day you do, something will appear - I ASSURE YOU!!!!! There are opportunities right next to you, but you're not going to be able to see it until you let go of the anxiety which causes you to vibrate at a different level.

I am a connector, and mechanic. I am REALLY good at building teams, and attracting people - then breaking situations down and figuring out how to get everyone to work together. That is my added value in the world.

Can I launch a company on my own? Oh fuck no! I have no idea what I'm doing - but that's where Ben comes into play, and the others that are now helping behind the scenes. I know where my weaknesses are, and as a connector, I have brought others in to help me in those areas of weakness. That is how good becomes GREAT!!

So fucking humbled, man - and so unbelievably stoked. I'll formally be able to announce the name of the company once our paperwork is filed and what not. But this is huge nerds ... huge huge huge. I EVEN GOT A PRINTER YESTERDAY!!!!



If you'd like to be involved with any of the projects I'm working on, or if you're interested in sponsorship or advertising opportunities - I'd love love LOVE to hear from you!!

Email: JenFriel at TalkNerdyToMeLover dot com.

From the depths of my everything ... thank you so so so much, nerds. I made a conscious decision to start showing up for my life, and you guys managed to change my world forever. I shall now be returning the favor!

I'm 26 years old, and now through following only my passions in life - I accidentally became the proud owner of a new media production company.


To each and everyone of you that reads this site ...

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!!!

Now go get off your ass and do what you want to do!!!