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#WTF: About last night & this morning ... Can I get a rundown? (Supermodel, getting laid & UGC blog)

WOW! WOW! WOW! What a night and what a day today has been. I just met a supermodel at 7/11, got laid, and from that sexual session ended up with what I think is a pretty fucking rad idea for a UGC blog which has since already been started.

Lemme back up a bit though, and here's the song that goes with the post. I am rocking out to this something FIERCE right now ...

First up, about last night ... last night, I had a date with a good friend of mine who was in town from NYC. I should give him a name on this site ... ahhhh what to call him ... haha fuck yeah - he's Preppy.

This guy is unbelievably attractive - like CRAZY hot, but also a ridiculously big nerd. He works in digital strategy but on the agency side (not on the personal brand side like I do). I totes appreciate talking to him about what he's experiencing in the space having his shoe be on the other foot and working strictly for the big dogs. He's done some SUPER huge campaigns and is not only crazy talented but just a genuinely rad motherfucker.

We've been friends for almost two years, but it wasn't until I went to NYC over the summer where he actually took me out on a date that things started to connect. This guy is such a freaking class act. No joke, dinner, drinks, and tech talk - ALL NIGHT!! Ugh! My idea of perfection ...

But either way, he lives in NY - I live in LA ... it's just not going to happen - BUTTTTT when he is in town, or when I am in town we at least get to spend some time together.

It's hilarious though, this guy and I on a lot of levels could not be any less compatible. He is UNBELIEVABLY preppy and Prada, where I am an UNBELIEVABLY dirty hippie in Goodwill.

Kinda funny actually, our OKC percentage I know would be super super super low - but we both grew up socially online in chat rooms, and are uber analytical freaks so we get along ... and get along really really well.

Remember the other week when I was complaining about not having any of my close guy friends anymore? Well, I would definitely say this guy is a close guy friend - he just doesn't live here. Either way, I am totally a dudes chick. I grew up with an older brother, so I will always always always need to have an intimate relationship on some level with some dude - if I don't, I literally go batty.

And I'm not talking about intimate on a strictly sexual level - I've given up my fuck buddies and given up casual sex in general ... but Preppy is in a different class. He's not only someone I can sleep with, but someone I can share really really really deep shit with and we can connect.

See, Preppy was the very first person I opened up to about the possibility of being turned on by women. We talk every other week or so on Facebook chat - and I can still vividly remember seeing those words hit the chat and me FREAKING out!! Omg omg omg I told another living soul my deepest darkest secret!!!

That however turned into a date - which as usual - turned into an adventure I posted on.

He's since told me all about his deepest darkest secrets as well, and again - he and I just connect.

He reads the site, obvs, and when I went to the S&M club he told me over Facebook chat last week that he would not only be in town this week, but he'd love to see me, and that he was really turned on by it. (He is a dom, and even has a sub back east.)

Rad, I thought. We had had sex before in NY and it was SUPER hot because he's so dominant and literally pulls, pushes, and plucks every bit of my everything.

Yesterday afternoon while I was watching Dick Tracy (OMG super duper fav) he sent me a text asking to kick it.

I was all FUCKKKK YESSS!!! My suddenly dead, lifeless, I can't believe I'm actually watching TV and not working - self got motivated and got my butt in gear to head out later in the evening.

I then sent him my address and a few hours later - BOOM! Here we be.

He dropped off his laptop in my apartment and then we walked over to a quiet and cozy little bar in Hollywood.

Those are some serious boots you've got going on, he commented as we crossed the street.

DUDE!!! Thank you!! I exclaimed! I have a new sponsorship with Blowfish shoes and for reals - people will NOT stop complimenting me on my shoes!!

<tangent>These are their Wang boots. They do run a bit on the smaller side - so I'd go a half size up before purchasing. Oh, and btw - you can return no problemo if you buy shoes from them and they for whatever reason don't fit. I'm telling you though, their shoes are CRAZY comfortable and cute! Def an upgrade from my vans ... may they RIP. </tangent>

Of course you would have a new sponsorship, he replied and of course you would be this excited to tell me about it.

I laughed as we walked into the bar and found a little nook to talk.

AHHHH!!! The first sip of a nice cold beer is literally the greatest thing ever, I said. (FTR, I was drinking a White Rascal)

We then got to talk shop - I updated him on all of the awesomeness that is the first quarter for Talk Nerdy To Me, Lover - and he told me all about his projects, some of which will keep him in LA a bit more often.

Then we got real, and I began talking to him about sex.

But how do you find these people you dominate?

Online, he replied. There's a bunch of different sites.

But how do you have a straight face when you actually say these things?

It's hard - he replied (no pun intended)

See, I am now at a weird stage sexually where I am acting out ALLLLLLL of my fantasies, but it's a really gnarly thing because I'm used to being so in my head with it, and at most typing things out. I can NOT do dirty talk, and I'm HORRIBLE at participating because all I want to do is watch - not necessarily include myself.

I dig the scenarios FOR SURE! But get SO UNBELIEVABLY NERVOUS being an active participant and not a fly on the wall.

Does that ever go away? I asked

Absolutely, he said. It just takes time and practice and the right fit with a person.

FML, I thought. I not only have to find a guy to date, and I have to find a guy that I'm sexually compatible with - but now I have to find a guy that is fetish friendly as well? How the FUCK are people in this world ever satisfied, I said.

He then laughed and after two beers we headed back to my place where he freaked my freak.

Ugh! So amazing.

Then, as we were reverse cowgirling - I caught myself in the mirror.

See, my bedroom has RIDICULOUSLY big closet mirrors.


I could then see him dominating me and my participating self also got to watch which set me absolutely OVER THE FREAKING MOON!!!

OMG - I thought, I get this now. I get why people really really dig mirrors! Holy crap! How have I not used these more before?!?!?!?

An hour later we both passed out - and two hours later the alarm on my phone went off to remind him to move his car.

See, I live in a community that is permit only. Fine, normally - we have an extra permit, but on this evening my roomie @itsmejoolie also had a friend over ... so Preppy had to park on the main road, which at 4am has street cleaning.

He got up, moved his car ... and then I heard him go into the bathroom.

Alrite, cool - I thought. He's good, I can fall back asleep.

I then close my eyes and a few minutes later hear a door open. I glance up and notice that my door is still shut.

The observation barely registered before I hear, OHMIGOD - I am so sorry.

Yep, Preppy walked in on Julie and her friend while they were in their uh, most natural state.

With every ounce of energy in my body I start laughing ... SOOOOO FREAKING HARD!!!!!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG this is great I thought.

He then comes running into the room and lays down on my wooden floor.

Is everything in your life like a sitcom, he asked?

Yes - yes it is, I replied, and I'm just going to start livestreaming the entire freaking apartment - this is ENTERTAINMENT GOLD!!! And TOTALLY ORGANIC!!!!

15 minutes go by, and we're still laughing about this. He has though moved up to the bed ... but I won't let this go.

OMG that was so brilliant.

So. So. Brilliant!!!

We both fall back asleep, and I wake up this morning super freaking tired.

Alrite, I said close to noon - gotta get my lazy bones up and working.

Preppy had a lunch in the valley, so he got his things together, washed up and after he kissed me - left. 

I then went back into my room, laughing at the entire evening.

So genius - I thought, this is going to make a great story.

My eyes then wandered over to the floor and I saw a man's white t-shirt, a thong, a magnum condom, a heart necklace, and a single Blowfish shoe.

All of the pieces could tell the story of the night and I had an idea ...

I ran out of my room and into the living room shouting to Julie - THIS IS AN IDEA!!! I can start a site under NerdsUnite Productions where it's UGC (user generated content) of people taking pictures of shit they found on the floor from the previous night. All people have to do is email me pics and it's one single upload with a description (preferably 140 characters or less).

It should rhyme too - I stated with mounting excitement.

Floor ... before ... I began pacing.


Julie laughs - that's a great idea.

YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!! And it's a single picture a day, all UGC and SUPPEERRR easy to manage. Keep it on Tumblr so there's the social component, link it to twitter - cross promote TNTML periodically.


I then checked to see if the domain name was available, which it was, and then I planted my little bum down to begin syncing everything all together.

After about 5 minutes however, my eyes were hanging pretty low.

AHHHH!! Damn you interrupted sleep!! Need Diet Dr. Pepper.

I then left the house, walked the bit of a long walk to 711 - and on the way called my Aunt whom had called me weeks ago to wish me Happy Birthday and I kept forgetting to return.

First words out of her mouth - are you engaged?!?!?!

Of course my aunt whom doesn't even use the friggen internet would find out about a social media prank that I pulled on this community before I even had a chance to tell her.

I laughed, saying no - but she continued to talk and talk and talk for literally the entire walk.

She updated me about her life, we talked about family shiznat, and I was now waiting by the chili dogs for her to finish talking so I could pay for my Diet Dr. Pepper. (I HATE people that are on their phone when they are paying for something. It's just so rude! Put the phone down before you're dealing with someone.)

My aunt however wasn't catching my hint of, okay - love you! But I gotta go ... so I got in line thinking I could at least say that there was someone in front of me and I had to go.

5 minutes later, I am still in line, and I am still on the phone.

FML. One good deed!! ONE!! And I just can't get off the phone.

Just then, the door opened and I spotted a familiar face.

OMG OMG OMG, I think - I know her from somewhere!!

My brain immediately races knowing I had not spotted a friend, but rather a celebrity.

<tangent> I have a FREAKY ability at recalling faces. Like dudes, I can spot you if you were in a CBS made for TV movie in 1992. I'm crazy good at not only spotting people, but then IMMEDIATELY being able to place them. </tanget>



OMG OMG OMG, she is so beautiful in person.

She then tucks in directly behind me - and now I am standing there in line at 7/11 on my droid charge trying to get my aunt off the phone standing in front of a supermodel.

Please for the love of all things holy tell me you put on deodorant this morning Friel.

As I'm standing there in line I said no less than 10 - I love you-s! and Merry Christmas-es - hoping to end the call.

Finally, as I do reach the register I am able to politely hang up on my aunt and pay for my Diet Dr. Pepper.

Family! I say smiling at the cashier (whom I see at least a few times a week).

What does your sweatshirt say, the cashier asks as I type in my pin number to pay for the soda.

Oh, University Buffalo School of Medicine.

Did you go there? she asked.

No, I said - it's just a sweatshirt. (One that only cost $4 at goodwill too!!)

REALLY LADY!!! I am here a FEW TIMES A WEEK!! And you NEVER talk to me ... now the ONNEEE TIMEEEE I am standing in front of a supermodel you choose to open your mouth and I feel like a dweeb.


I mean I could have told her that it launched a social experiment on location based clothing - but whatever, it's 7/11 and my time there was done.

I smiled, taking the receipt finished paying and tweeted out my find still feeling slightly dorky for not only not being from Buffalo but for not actually going to med school.

Get over it Friel ... get over it I thought as I then walked all the way back home, and launched

It's clearly only a soft launch for now - I have to get enough of the girls in the community together to start submitting, but my ultimate goal is to have a picture a day where people literally just take pictures of shit on the floor in the morning telling the story from the night before. Me thinks there could be something there ... we shall see! If you have a pic feel free to submit: JenFriel at TalkNerdyToMeLover dot Com

This is going to be fun with all of the stuff that happens in this apartment alone, content won't be hard to come by. (no pun intended!)

So, last night I got laid which inspired me to start a UGC blog, which lead me to getting to meet a supermodel.

Not bad for a Thursday!



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    #WTF: About last night & this morning ... Can I get a rundown? (Supermodel, getting laid & UGC blog) - Home - Talk Nerdy To Me Lover
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    #WTF: About last night & this morning ... Can I get a rundown? (Supermodel, getting laid & UGC blog) - Home - Talk Nerdy To Me Lover

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