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#WTF: About this weekend ... can I get a rundown?

I don't really know how to describe how awesomely weird my weekend was.

I present to you ... my best attempt:

Started off on Friday. I got invited to this event with a Laker, limo, and champagne ... as if that wasn't enough, the active ingredient was adventure, so you know me - I'm game. The meet up destination was in Santa Monica, I'm in Hollywood  ... my car's not registered right now ... (thank you LAPD with your parking tickets. I do adore you ... I really really do. MWAHHH) so ... I had to take a bus.


Was on the bus for about a half hour, before this total creepy mcgee rockin a 1992 House of Pain World Tour jacket  came up to me. Mind you, I'm rockin a dress, a cardigan, spirithood, kickin sunglasses and vans. I didn't exactly fit in, you could tell I was going some place rad. He sits down next to me, almost cornering me if you will - and just goes to town on questions.

Him: Who are you, you look familiar - where do I know you from. You look like a character, you look like someone I should know. Are you in the biz?

Me: What biz would you be referring to?

Him: The music biz. I'm a record producer. I know I may not look like one because I am riding a bus, but this is a first for me. My car just broke down. I live behind the Chateau Marmont, I'm going to the Grammys next week. I'm a real music producer you know. I have insurance. 

He then proceeded to take out his Anthem Blue Cross health insurance card.

Yep, I shit you not ... he showed me his insurance card.

He talked a mile a minute, clearly a lifelong coke head, but had reached a point in addiction where it was manageable to a certain degree that he didn't grow wings and start to fly away. Or at least if he had wings, he was very good at hiding them.

He talked and talked and talked ... in fact he talked so much, he made me miss my bus stop.

I'm kind of a go with the flow person, so I just shrugged it off and said, my ass has gotta do some walking now I guess! Nice to meet ya 1992 House of Pain World Tour duderino.

He then grabbed my phone. Big mistake. Don't fuck with my phone. Ever.

I cracked a smile, thinking oh you old dinosaur, you wouldn't even know how to use it. He then turned and said, how do I use one of these things?

He handed the phone back to me, and started shouting out his number, and said he wanted to meet up next week at the Grammys. He's not nominated this year, like he is most years. Incredible, since of course, I was able to tell him that I am in the music business.

Got off the bus, and called my friend - who was going to take us to the limo. Yep, I was going somewhere in a limo with free champagne, to meet a Laker.

Got in the limo ... and OMMMGGGGGGG I was so excited! The interior matched my SHOES!! Totally unplanned, and totally awesome.

*nerdy happy dance*


It's the little things in life, and odd moments of coordination are enough to send any nerd over the edge, *sigh*

We finally arrived at our destination in Orange County, and it was this weird e-commerce internetting thing. It's sort of like affiliate marketing, but a total pyramid scheme. Like no joke. It works for my friend, because she's a hustler, but no disrespect - 95% of people will be taken by this thing. They make you pay like $300 to start up, and $99 a month ... but the woman who ran the presentation was on WAAAAYYYYY too much adderall. Girlfriend was sellin, and no one was buying. It was super creepy too, she'd ask questions like - who doesn't want to climb up the corporate ladder? Who wants more free time? And the only people that would respond were people in their own organization.

I thought, OMG they're totally trying to get me sucked into this weird affiliate marketing cult.

The psychological conditioning these people were doing was LITERALLY out of this world. Prolly from Uranus or something, the people there are a bit freaky. HAHA! Dude, I've never prayed so hard for super powers; I wanted so badly to melt into the floor Alex Mack style and go right out the door.

At one point, she goes, and we've recently updated the stores ... yeah, we've changed around CODE!

*insert dramatic buzz word hand signs*

That's like saying, and then we spoke at this thing and we used ENGLISHHH!! Crazy bitch, shut the fuck up about shit you know nothing about! Oh and when she tried saying, and we can help you with THE twitter, and THE facebook, I was 2.5 seconds away from throwing down. Don't fuck with my shit, bitch. Take those words OUUTTT of your mouth, spank you very much! You are the problem, not part of the solution when it comes to ignorance in social media education. ::frowny face::

I instead opted to put on headphones and drift away to my happy place.

Then AC Green from the Lakers started saying something, but I wasn't listening.

His mouth was moving, but all I heard was Q- Feel Dancing in Heaven.

Happy place Jen ... Happy place.

When all was said and done, I snuck back into the limo. I just wanted out out out of there. One of the owners of the company, asked if he knew me from somewhere - that I looked familiar ... I have one of those faces, I replied. There was no way in HELL I was going to admit to ANYONE on the interwebz that I was there. OMG OMG OMG OMFGGGGG no.

Then, I got dropped off back in Hollywood, where I had a hot OkCupid date. Literally. Dude, he's a super cutey patootie pants. A writer, a bit loco, but in the fun way. We met up at the Piano Bar, and had a really good time. Cool dude, but we're different people. I'd love to be friends with him, and kick it with him anytime - boat loads of fun, no joke - but there wasn't chemistry. I just wasn't feeling it. That is the ONEEE variable online dating metrics cannot account for. You either have chemistry, or you don't. I can very literally get along with anyone, and people tell me their life story within 10 minutes of hanging out - but it's not very often I can go toe to toe. To date someone, I need to be able to go toe to toe.

Then, came Saturday. The day that would change ... well, my weekend.

Lemme back step a few first. So, I always look at my visitors to my OKC profile to understand how I am falling in their search. See, I have TNTML all over that thing, it's great! I get a lot of traffic, but it's only as good as how visible my profile is. I do a bit of dating profile optimization to understand their algorithm and figure out how to manipulate it to be seen as often as possible. Sneaky? Sure! But hey, it works! I can tell by how many visitors I've had on any given night how effectively things are working. The other night, it was a slow night - I only had 4 hits. But one of them caught my eye, this dude was crazy stupid hot. Totally my type. Clicked his profile, and looked and we had 94% match, 94% friend, 1% enemy. I've been doing this all day everyday for 7 months, I have NEVER EVER EVER ranked that high with ANYONE! It said he was online, so I messaged him:

It was a total OKC fail, because apparently, he wasn't online. BOOO!!!

The next morning, however, he popped online and messaged me back. He said something along the lines of, what did you think of the email I sent? I was like what email?? I then went to my TNTML mail addy ... had nothing. Obviously had nothing on OKC ... I was all, whatchoo talkin' bout Willis?

He was floored. He said, you messaged me without reading my email? Again, I was all ... umm yeah - hello you're hot, and we're crazy compatible, I want to have nerdy babies with you ... or at least a lot of hot sex to start.

Flirtatious banter went back and forth for about an hour, then his email arrived in my inbox:




I'm not even kidding you, a tear formed in my eye somewhere. That was the sweetest, most heartfelt email I have EVVEERRRR received. Not even just on OKC, that was the sweetest thing anyone, anywhere, has ever said to me.

We swapped digits, and arranged for an afternoon date. After having read the site, he recognized my liking weird and random dates - so he suggested ice skating.

Fucking Brilliant.

Dude - ice skating dates are awesome as long as you, the duderino, know how to ice skate. I held onto that mofo for DEAR LIFE! I'm not a very touchy feely person when I'm getting to know a dude. I analyze a lot about him first before I'll ever go in for a touch. This was just instant - I AM HOLDING ON TO YOU FOR DEAR LIFE! I haven't been ice skating since I was 12, at Veterans Skating Rink in West Hartford, CT (WEHA REPRESENTTINNNN!!) It was a total trip, and thanks to him, I didn't even fall once. Massive brownie points, and incredibly smooth.

After about an hour, my ankles were straight up KILLING me, as I'm not used to using those muscles ... so we got back in the car, and he had to get gas.

After filling up, he pops back in the car and turns to me and says, this car is a hybrid. I get about 400 miles on each tank - this one is now full. We are going for a drive. Is that cool?

Adventure?? Is that you calling? Hello? Dude, you're totally breaking up ...

YESSS!! I exclaimed. FUCK YES!!!

 ... And we're off ...

I'm now in a car with a guy I met 3 hours ago, going up the PCH to a destination unknown, and I really don't care. 

The sun started to set, and OMMMMMGGGGGGGGG it was beautiful. SERIOUSLY!


My dad taught me to enjoy sunsets (as is evident from this video I did for him) ... so its this thing that I have. I make a conscious effort to watch the sun set everyday. This dude had no idea- it was AAHHH-MAAAZINNNNGGGGG!!!

We drove and drove and drove ... and decided to settle on driving to Santa Barbara. He had never been, and it was the perfect, not too far, not too close place for us to kick it. It screams, hey we're spontaneous without us requiring a passport or a boat load of coffee. Then, I remembered having driven to Santa Barbara so many times before, that it gets pretty desolate for a while. Fearing we were near that point, I popped on YELP, and searched for the closest place to stop to grab some grub.

I'm from Connecticut ... me and seafood go together like mashed potatoes and tobasco sauce. YUMMM!!!!!

I had the grilled fish tacos, super super SUPER delicious!! That place was SOOO GOOD, and is apparently a staple. Who knew! I was just enjoying the company.

He is so fucking hot, and has no idea. There is really nothing that turns me on more. Commercial beauty in any capacity is just a waste. Commercially attractive people tend to rely on just their looks to get by. It's all about how you rock what you've got. He's got a whole lot goin on, and he rocks it all so so well. I'm not even kidding, I wanted to take him right then and there ... rawwrrrrr!! Patience Jen, patience.

60 hormone calming minutes down later, we were back on the highway. I then asked if I could play this song that's been stuck in my head all day. I was honestly testing more of his reaction to my eclectic, on permanent shuffle, taste in music.

I hooked my iPod up to his AUX cable and played this ... 

and he started JAMMING!!! (check) passed test.

We share a mutual love for Phil Collins, so this was up next:

Followed by another personal favorite, which was PERFECT considering what we were doing:


He jammed to all three, and ate it up. Even remembering that there was an Alanis cover of this song as well that he enjoyed. Where the fuck did you come from, kept bouncing around in my brain. I am a huge huge huge huge huge music lover. If you get my music, you get me. It's pretty much a nice one two punch. Dude, he got it.

We drove for a bit talking about life, love, and our adventures prior to our current one. Smart kid, he's 25 - which is weird because you'd SWEAR he was 35 by the way he talks about life. He even at one point said there really are no negative experiences, it is all about how we interpret the situation.

If I had a chair to fall out of, I would have fallen out of it. Amazing. He gets it.

We were then nearing our destination, so I popped back on YELP to find a hotel where we could crash for the night and have some hot nookie. I handed him back the iPhone, and he found one that was reasonably priced, and had very good reviews. He called. They had 1 room left, their master suite, but because the front desk was closing in 30 minutes, she was able to give us the room for about 70% off. I thought it was some weird joke at first, because *pffftt* who does that happen to, and hotels are KNOWN for doing weird things like that when you call. But we arrived, and oh no - she was very right. We had the master suite. 

It had a fireplace ...

and a kitchen ...

and a BED!! I got to sleep in a BED!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!

We settled in, which was really just an opportunity to grab a quick brush of the teeth from the fishy eating ... and then headed out to scope out the night life on State Street.

It didn't have a FourSquare checkin, but no worries citizens of Santa Barbara ... I am a super user, so I can create venues. SCORE!

Two Blue moons later, we popped back on over to the hotel for some nook nook. This guy scares the bejesus out of me. 25% of me wanted to continuously bone him morning noon and night, and eventually just take up shop in our hotel master suite ... the other 75% was scared. Really scared. Really really scared. I have a big heart, but I don't give it out easily; I have intimacy problems that I am working on addressing. I don't just "date" people, unless I can go toe to toe and have nothing but radical honesty. I can go toe to toe with him. FOR SURE!! That scares me. It's easier to just casually date a bajillion dudes from OKC, its harder to allow yourself to be caught.

Everything with him was so effortless, he gave me the BEST FIRST DATE EVER without even trying. We both stayed totally in the moment, and went with the flow. That was EXACTLY what I posted on the other day, I wanted to find someone that did something based upon inspired thought, not a Hallmark commercial.


After lots of hot nookie by the fireplace, and many many many other places ... we fell asleep. He woke me up this morning to the sound of Sussudio playing on his iphone, which I had been telling him about the night before. AMERICAN PSYCHO! EPIC!

We then searched for a place to have breakfast on the beach, as I had expressed just how AMAZINGLY beautiful Santa Barbara's beaches are ... unfortunately, the reviews for the one breakfast place on the beach was super super super lame-o, so we decided to hit up Silver Greens instead. One that was VERY highly rated. SUPPPERRRR yummy breakfast place, but one of those cafeteria type style things. Similar to Tender Greens in LA (are they a chain?) ... the cashier asked if it was for here or to go. To Go, he said. I looked a bit perplexed thinking, hmm guess we're going back to the room, no complaints! He turned and said, let's take it to the beach! Fucking brilliant.

We then drove to the beach ... and this is where we had breakfast ...


Amazing, right? This guy not only just gave me the BEST DATE EVER, it was hands down the most romantic gesture I have ever seen in my entire life. You couldn't make this up; the OKC metrics don't lie, man!!!

Now I'm back in Hollywood. About to go do this interview thing ... and I'm scared.

Like really scared. Like really really really scared. I don't date people, it's this reflex that I have after having my heart broken so badly. Fortunately, I very rarely meet dudes that I want to date, so its this wonderful thing of - HAHAHAAHAHAHA guys are lame, so nah ne nah ne, if I can't find someone, I can't get hurt again. This guy is the great white buffalo. He's different, and if I let him pass by it would be based on fear. I'm never one to stay in a place of fear for long. He's just so passionate about what he does, and he's SO GOOD at it too! I know because I google stalked him before the date, as we were ranked SO high that I thought he might have created the profile based upon how he thought I would answer vs. who he actually is. Oh no, that is him. He is awesome.

What to do ... what to do ... I got caught off guard, and I hate it when that happens. I have no choice but to just go with whatever this is. No expectations, just going to let things be. Thank you internet for being so wonderfully random. Who knew having a website, and a profile on OKC would have given me the GREATEST date of my LIFE! 

I'm excited. I think I found a partner in crime.




Reader Comments (6)

Not to rain on this parade mate, but I see a red flag already. He said he read your site so he decided to make a profile. It does not take a genius to compile all things learned from your constant declarations of likes and dislikes on this site to make your version of a perfect date. But it does take a psycho stalker. I would not ignore your previous habit of being cautious.

February 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCriticalObserver

dually noted!

February 6, 2011 | Registered CommenterTalk Nerdy To Me Lover

Always be cautious....but fucking A Jen.

As much as I want to go out on a date with you (and I STILL do), its always good to hear of someone having such a great time and connecting with someone.

And don't be afraid of whatever you feel. Remember that its our ego that creates our identity.

My advice is always the same.

Smile, breathe and go slowly.

February 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHank Scorpio

I say FUCK IT! That's awesome! I know you've said 10,000 times you have one issue or another but who cares. Do you remember what it was like to be depressed? Remember the days where you'd give anything to feel something again? I sure do. I can't go back now. The pain is far better than the numbness. I met my GF now online and couldn't be happier. Dude, like world class compatibility. Sooooooo...FUCK IT. Balls deep.

February 6, 2011 | Unregistered

if he was a stalker your body would've given you crazy warning vibes.. it was just love at first blog.

It takes two people to make an amazing date.... no need to overthink it!

February 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCasey

This is pretty late, but i just found your site, and I'm in love!
man i wish i had the guts to just live life apologetically.
But be careful, and i hope i read/find more updates about the guy.

October 20, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterkitkat

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