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#NerdPr0nz: Behind the Scenes with @MeowMistiDawn

#TalkNerdyToMeLover's @MeowMistiDawn

So I'm back to steady internet. Oh what a glorious thing. Also I got back just in time for..... E3!!! Omg OMG OMFG! oh yes I said it. It's like visiting heaven once a year.

I got back to LA Wednesday morning at 9am... after being up at 3am to leave Texas, connecting flights, driving, then 9am on the ground. I slept for about 2 hours either out of time zone crazies or my excitement. While I didn't have time to make it to E3 on Wednesday, my friend Josh did get me in to the Xbox party that evening downtown where the car for the next Forza 4 car was selected. But before I met up with Ryan (!/agent_M) from Marvel who was kind enough to bring me some comics and got waffles with fellow nerdy friends and Michael. See, I got michael to drive so I could drink at said party. Oh yea, thinking ahead. After beer and waffles we made our way to the Xbox party, and Michael wasnt cool enough to get in so he dropped me off. Well hes cool, I guess haha but it was a list party only and it was that full. I would show you pictures or tell you what happened at the party, but I drank too much and hit on a dude who looked like Paul Rudd. 
Roll out of bed the next morning and E3 time! I headed to the Staples center alone forging the nerd herd to find my friends. I met up with my friend John (He help make Time Crisis!!) and Mike who ive talked to on twitter and was in town. I pretty much headed thru the gates as if i were running to sit on santa's lap... or some super cute nerd dude! I ran in to my old flame Sonic and we got a photo for old times sake.
And other previous flames of mine.
So I wandered about with John, which is pretty much the best host to have because he knows EVERYONE and totally got the VIP treatment so we got to see so much more we wouldnt have otherwise. Also my friend David who does PR for SEGA got me in to the Aliens game play demo. The only thing you can find online of this game is trailers, you couldnt even touch your phone while they were showing game play. Let me tell you.... ONE of the best games I saw while there. The game play is simple but intriguing. The graphics were great, of course the Aliens looks amazing and there are a few new breeds introduced for the game. The best part I thought was the fact it is multiplayer and your friends can drop in and out of your campaign at any time. Also, got my hands on a Wii U, nothing to write home about. Other mentionables; New Elder Scrolls, Saints Row 3, Dead Island, and MW3.  


Here is a little view from up high at the sweet little VIP area.


And thank this man for inviting Call of Duty and taking many hours of your life. 


Then, I popped in to Meltdown Comics for an 8-bit concert! Was amazing, also come check me out on a nerd panel, only $10 (Click here for more info)



Nerdily Yours,

Misti Dawn


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