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#YouCanDoIt: 30 Day Challenge Rockin a Crystalline Power Pouch and Belt

No. like literally. HAHA!! Omg dudes, funny story .. so, over the weekend, I got an email from this duderino asking if I would consider his product for one of my social experiments. Alrite, I thought ... took a look at the link he provided, and it's for this thing:

Yeah. I'm not kidding - it's one of those crystal magnet thingie majiggies.

Now, my first reaction was to laugh and say oh no effin way; I think this stuff is a bunch of rubbish, but the more I thought about it - I thought maybe I could use this to my benefit.

I absolutely 100% do NOT believe in these things. At all. What-so-ever.

So I thought that would make me the PERFECT person to do an experiment involving something like this since my constant is the attitude of a skeptic.

I told the dude that the only way I would agree to talk about his product is if he understood that I would be 100% HONEST!!!! ONE HUNDRED GA-JUNDRED PERCENT!!! Like literally!!! I gave him a one sheet and said I am not liable if this doesn't work out!!!!

I said, if you believe in your product, then I will try it out and see if I am a believer.

He emailed me back, said he understood, and that he believed in it.

I said, that is all I needed to hear. DONE!

So, now I am wearing this thing ...

It looks unbelievably ridiculous, but that's okay because I am unbelievably ridiculous. It's like we're kindred spirits this little belt pouchie thing and I.

Seriously though, you can also wear it under your clothes obviously (hahaha but where's the fun in that!), but for the next 30 days I am going to be wearing this to test out my energy levels. The crystals and magnets inside are supposed to rejuvenate you and help you function better as a human being. Dudes, I have SOOOOOO much on my plate right now it's not even funny. For reals, I'm knee deep in 2 TV shows and writing a book all while managing this site and the brand in general?!?!? Insane in the motha fuckin membrane. Like SERIOUSLY!?!!

This is happening ... and my energy is just ... done.

The timing is oddly enough totally perfect (so what else is new). So yeah! I'm gonna give this thing a go.

Again though, as I even told the sponsor - I 100% do not do not do not believe in things like this. No joke, no bs, it's just not my style. BUT let's see if that changes.

I'll be rating my energy level multiple times a week on a scale of 1-10. 1 being almost comatose, 10 being off the wall bonkers.

Today, I am at a 2.

So far I've been wearing the belt for 2 hours, and it's weird - I can feel heat coming from it, but when I touch it, it's not hot, nor is my shirt warm. I don't know how to explain what I am feeling other than ... warmth. It's weird and kinda tripping me out, I'm not gonna lie.

But here we go ... another new experiment to play with. Let's see what happens!!!!


Special thanks to Empowerment33 for the nerdy loving. For reals, I've always been curious about magnets and crystals, but now I can draw my own conclusions. mwahahaha!!!

Check the pouch out for yourself over yonder!

Reader Comments (3)

Stylish! I don't really believe in that stuff either, but I'm looking forward to your results.

June 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJeffrey Reidy

Thanks dude!!! I'm pretty stoked because this is something I am SOOOOO skeptical about. I'm glad they were cool with me being honest no matter what, and the rest - time will tell =) #YAYLIFE!

June 15, 2011 | Registered CommenterTalk Nerdy To Me Lover

Does it fit around the crotch for those tomes you need to be pushed over "The Edge"?

June 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPaul

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