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#YouCanDoIt: 30 Day Challenge Rockin a Crystalline Power Pouch and Belt

DUDES!!!!!!! I'm already 7 days into my 30 day challenge rockin the crystalline power pouch and belt from empowerment 33, and I gotta say ... this thing is freaking me out! Like SERIOUSLY!!!

First off ... this is what it looks like, and how I wear it ...


Hello lint living on my bum!

It fits under my clothes, and honestly feels no different than rocking a mic pack. It's super light weight, doesn't get in my way ... I honestly forget about it after a while - it just sort of becomes a part of you. 

I'm not even kidding though, I know I mentioned this to a few of you that reached out asking about it - within TWENTY FOUR HOURS, I felt it working. And it's not even a "feeling" in a traditional sensory manner, it's more energy based (I know, Ize bez a rocket scientist haha) - but SERIOUSLY!!!

I can FEEL this thing getting warm without the pack, or my shirt feeling warm. It's literally increasing my body temperature, and come to think of it, I should prolly get a thermometer to test that out .... hmmmmmm to the google!

It's weird - and I know for an ABSOLUTE fact that it's not a placebo effect. I'm being INCREDIBLY conscious about not getting too excited over this thing, and staying as neutral as possible, just merely experiencing.

It totes freaks me out writing that, btw. I put in my agreement with the duderino when I first signed up for this project that I had to be 100% honest at ALL costs!! I'm a total skeptic when it comes to these things.

Dudes, I put this thing in my little pillow at night for the first 2 nights, and that thing WOKE ME UP!!! It just sort of jolts you energetically. It's not like a surge that you get from a caffeine rush, it's more mental. It is making me alarmingly clear, and I dunno ... just centered.

My energy has been at a 7 all week (on a scale of 1-10 ... 1 being comatose, 10 being a mexican jumping bean on speed), and even when I took it off to give myself a rest on Sunday, I still felt refreshed and clear.

I can totally see myself wearing something like this periodically just to cleanse out my energy field. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Cannot believe I am even typing that - for REALS!!!!

Alrite, so it's definitely working ... but let's see if it can stay this way!!! I'm curious now if the effect will eventually wear off; I can't consistently stay this clear with my lifestyle. For reals - I am a whackadoodle noodle, the high can't last. No way Jose!

Come on guys, who let Jose in? SERIOUSLY!! What is WITH the door policy? Ugh! #fail

Stay tuned!!! =) BAHHH!!! I am so so so so so curious to find out, but until then I am enjoying rocking the mighty morphin power ranger pack!! hahahahaha you guys are high-larious. You all commented the same thing on it. It's funny the peeps designing it had no idea. 

Amy Jo Johnson, FTW!!!!

Special thanks to Empowerment33 for the nerdy loving. For reals, I've always been curious about magnets and crystals, but now I can draw my own conclusions. mwahahaha!!!

Check the pouch out for yourself over yonder!



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