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#YouCanDoIt: 30 Day Challenge Rockin a Crystalline Power Pouch and Belt

A hoi hoi nerderinos ... looky looky what I'm still rockin ...


Yep, it's my crystalline power pouch and belt from Empowerment 33. HAHAHA omg I totes feel like a power ranger in this thing. AH-MAZINNGGGGG!!!

But seriously, the 30 days are almost up, and this thing creeps me out - hahaha it works, man. I'm going to write up a thesis on my findings after Friday when the 30 days are officially over ... but mannnnn, I was so so so so so so not a believer in these things. Thought they were all a bunch of hooey pooey. Yes, you read that right - hooey ... pooey.

I was proven wrong. AHHHH!!! I love love love it when that happens!!! =)

It centers me for lack of a better word. I don't notice it as much as when I first started wearing it three weeks ago ... ex. it doesn't feel as hot after a while - but it's definitely working.

I found out too this weekend that apparently as long as you show this lil thang a lotta love it won't need to be re-charged or anything. Its yours for life. Again that trips me out, since I can't wrap my brain around it ... but it's energy based, and we're energy beings. Makes sense.

No joke guys, I have no stake in these duderinos, nor am I getting a commission or anything - this thing really. really. really. does work and look super freaking nerdy!!! hahahaha


I'll formally write something up this week, but I'm super excited that I was so skeptical coming into this experiment. I totally thought these things were a bunch of BS - and who knows, maybe for some they are - but I can say without a SHADDOOWWWW of a doubt that the crystalline power pouch works.

Like without a SHAAADOOOWWWWWW of a doubt.

All you need to know is your sign and what color you'd like, and boom! You can check 'em out over yonder.

I have the black belt because I've always wanted a black belt. It makes me feel like an expert in the ancient art of Ka-R-ate. 

If you get one, lemme know!!! I wanna know if you have similar findings.


Special thanks to Empowerment 33 for sponsoring this experiment. AHHHH!!! I love it, I love it, I love it.

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