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#YayLife: I am ready Freddie!

AHHH!!! DUDES!!!! Just had an ah-mazing ... ah-mazing ... ah-mazing meeting with Generate today.


Generate is this super awesome new media agency that reps entertainers and what not. Dude, the friggen CEO was in on the meeting!?!?! His names Jordan Levin, and he used to be the CEO of the WB network during its Dawson's Creek heyday.

Super super super smart duderino. All of the people in that meeting were friggen smart - UGHHHH!!! This shit is so humbling, man. I made a conscious, and deliberate statement to the universe two weeks ago that I wanted to turn this site into an actual business business. That has been my goal all year, actually - but within the last 2 weeks, I decided to facilitate some action with that as well.

I really really really really really really believe in what we are doing, but I want to shift more to the creative side. I can't keep feeding the ad sales pipeline and getting sponsorships (which I got a new one today!! YAY!), I wanna have more adventures, and tell bat shit off the wall stories. That's where my strength lies.

I very literally just reach out to people morning, noon, and night in this space. These peeps came about through the suits for the pilot - but how did I meet them? Hosting a screening of Hot Tub Time Machine last year. It's all little bread crumbs that add up to a whole loaf after a while - but I'm still dropping them. I have NOOOOOO idea how I'm ever going to make something happen, I just perpetually play the best card the universe hands me - and THAT my friends is where the magic happens.

You just have to be. I am in control of NOTHING in this life, I just make a conscious effort to show up for my life every day, and STRICTLY do things that feel good. When you walk in bliss, your energy vibrates differently and EVVVEERRYOOONNNEEEEE can pick up on it. It's insane! And awesome!!!!

So, hopefully Generate felt the same way that I did during the meeting, and we'll have some nerdy lovin' going on. That will definitely take the ad sales off my plate ... ANNNDD THENNNNNN!!! Next Tuesday, I meet with this super fancy pants venture capitalist/ small biz financial guru, who not only sent me a copy of his book, but is going to help me set things up with TNTML being an actual biz. I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited, and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO humbled to get to kick it with this guy and pick his brain. Such a fucking honor, man. Really really really excited.

This is the thing nerds ... I very literally ONLY do what I love. It started off a bit rocky living in my car, and traveling around bartering for a year - but I did a lot of soul searching, and a lot of people watching ... and I stayed hungry. I KNOW I want this, because I am DOING it - and it feels GREAT!!! PEOPLE. ARE. INSPIRED. BY. ACTION.

Want to be a writer? Start a friggen blog! Get your ideas out there!!!! Get a friend who believes in your work to do some gnarly SEO work for you, and help get your message out. Just do it!! Whatever that "it" is for you!!!

This is my "it!" And I love love love every minute of ittttt!!!!!!

Thank you SO much TNTML for being in my life. I love love love you all SOOOOOOOOOOO much!!! For reals, I kinda feel like a slut for wanting to make out with you all - but its kosher, I'll own it. =) =) =)

All my love, and all my heart. Thank you SO much for changing my life.

You make me all SOOOOOO proud to say ... #NERDSUNITE

Do. What. You. Love. Always. (just also market and promote the crap out of it!! haha)

Got something to say? Drop me a note! JenFriel at TalkNerdyToMeLover dot com

Oh and PS. I totes bumped into my @spirithoods buddy Felicia today RANDOMLY on the 704 bus headed to Santa Monica. Ah-mazing!!!!! So great to see youuuuuuuuu!!!

LA really is the biggest small town EVEERRRRRR!!!! (read more on that here)

k. bye.


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