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#YouCanDoIt: 30 Day Challenge Rockin a Crystalline Power Pouch and Belt

AHH yes ... the Crystalline power pouch and belt ...


... my 30 days are officially up, and it totes doesn't suck.

For reals!

I made sure I put in the agreement with the duderino before I started the experiment that he had to know I would be 100% honest. Basically, he could have paid me for some bad PR, but he said he believed very much in it, so I believed in his belief and at least took 'em on to see what would happen.

Like I've said in previous posts, the result was pretty immediate - LITERALLY the first day, and really even just the first few hours, I could feel something different. I wasn't sure how to articulate it, but I could just feel heat coming from the thing. Then, on the first night, I actually fell asleep in it - and the friggen thing WOKE.ME.UP!!

Dudes, I slept in my car in Venice and this little pouchie thing woke me up?? CRAZY!!

The feeling of heat continued for the first two weeks, and then the last two weeks (I'm assuming because my magnetic field in and of itself changed) - I barely noticed it.

I can't speak for all power pouches, or all energy bracelets - whatever ... but this one definitely worked. It "centered" me for lack of a better word. I just felt like my brain was able to process things easier, and it without a doubt gave me a ton more energy.

I'm not mad at it. I entered this thing with a pretty neutral mind just wanting to explore out of curiosity and left a believer that holy moly roli poli oli - this shit works!!

You need to know your astrological sign before you purchase, and also consider whatever color you want (black and white are available ... I had black). You can find out more info on the belt here. Totally check it out, man. I gave it to 4 of my friends as well, and they all said the same thing - it definitely works.

Well, they said that it worked, and they dug looking like a power ranger ... hahahaaha!!! =)