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#NerdsUnite: Life Without A Purpose 

<editorsnote> Nerds, meet Brian Freedman!! He makes funny videos on YouTube. Go watch: If you don't like 'em, he'll bake you pie. Mmmm... piiiiiiieeee. K. That is all. </editorsnote>

#TalkNerdyToMeLover's Brian Freedman

I don’t really see the point in life. Correction: my life. Is this a common feeling? You bet your sweet ass it is. But here’s my story.

I believe the OVERALL purpose of life is fairly simple:

Life’s Purpose

  • Do good
  • Have fun
  • Learn things

 That’s it. Simple, right?  

I have done all of the above (as I'm sure everyone has), but my life has gradually become more & more stale. For me, I don’t really do much with my life. The main cause of that is, I have no ambitions, no real desires. Let’s say, for example, you would LOVE to go to New York or Hawaii for 2 weeks. Great! Now how do you accomplish such a task? You work hard (most likely at a job you would rather volunteer to get your butt bleached than work another day at), earn money which you then save, and eventually you WILL go on that trip. The reason you work so hard is because whenever you feel tired, down or upset you KNOW there is a shopping spree in New York or a beach chair, Mai Tais, a perfect natural tan and beach hunnies/hunkies waiting for you in Hawaii with your name on it.

With me, though, there’s nothing I care to have. I’m not talking about food and a place to live (those are basic necessities). I mean, I don’t care to be a CEO of a vegan company, traveling anywhere would be interesting but I could easily go without, and I’m single and could honestly go the rest of my life that way (and no, I’m not a typical man afraid of commitment who just wants to fuck and run, I genuinely adore women). Besides, I know nothing’s sexier to a woman than a man with no ambition. Am I right ladies?? 

:: crickets. Condescending crickets. ::

In my life, since I have no desires, I have no carrot. Don’t mistake this. I’m not claiming I’m some Buddha who’s reached a higher way of being and I don’t need material things to make me happy. Hell, I love my PS3 and TiVo. And I’m not some hippie who sits around all day smoking weed wondering why the elephant on my ceiling doesn’t pay rent in American dollars (never done drugs). I’m a very functional guy who just happens to have nothing to do or work towards.  

Really my whole life I’ve never cared for things. I personally just live very simply. The problem with that is, I’m bored out of my mind. With nothing to work for, I have nothing to do. The only thing I ever truly wanted was an awesome personality, and after years of working hard on myself I feel very happy with who I am.

You could say, “Well Brian, maybe if you weren’t such a lazy piece of shit your life would mean something.” Valid point, but I feel I can only play according to my strengths working towards something worth working towards. Otherwise, I don’t see the point and thus, take no action.

Everyday I waste so much time feeling I could be used for greater purposes, yet have no interest pursuing... anything. Yes, I would love to be a Top 100 YouTube Partner, but if I didn’t get it I would be okay with it. You see!?  Anything I kind of desire, if it doesn’t happen I don’t care. I adapt to the path of least resistance. I could honestly die tomorrow and would be happy because I wouldn’t be wasting my time anymore. No, I’m not going to off myself, that’s just stupid. I’m just demonstrating that my life feels very non-influential and unfulfilling right now.

Hell, in a couple years let’s say I do find my purpose, very well plausible, but up until this point I haven’t and it’s frustrating.   

When I was in school, high school and even more so in college, I didn’t care for it. The teachers would give me assignments, and if I didn’t know how to do it their way, I just said, ”Fuck it, this doesn’t make sense to me. I’ll do it my way.” And you know what? Didn’t make a lick of difference. I still did well playing to my strengths in lieu of their requirements.

I remember in one class we were getting back our philosophy papers and before the teacher handed out the first paper, he said it was the finest paper in the class and was quite impressed, then handed me my paper. I thought it was cool but nonchalantly told him, “Yeah, I did this in an hour & a half the night before” (mind you, I’m not genius, I just procrastinated).  He looked irritated, “Don’t tell me that.” And I casually quipped, “I don’t care.”  I didn’t say it out of disrespect, I said it matter-of-fact, out of honesty.

That is my experience with school. I did it however I wanted, and did well. Thus, I view school as a joke. I understand it is quite valuable to others, I’m merely speaking from my own experience.
It wasn’t until very recently I realized I view life the same way I view school ⎯ a waste of my time.
Yes, I’ve learned a lot and will continue to learn, but with no desires to motivate or guide me what’s the point?

Maybe you guys can help me out and share your motivations, your desires.  What makes life worth living? What’s your purpose? Maybe then I can find something interesting enough to do with my life.

Probably not.  

But hey, it’s worth a shot.


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