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#NerdsUnite: Introducing @TheCraftafarian

<editorsnote> Nerds, meet my buddy Lindsay. She and I met ... well, somewhere in the social space. I think we might have started talking through this site directly, then through facebook - maybe ... I'm not sure. But she's awesome. I talk to her on twitter almost every day, and she's really rad and TOTALLY a big huge animal lover. Like crazy huge!! In these series of posts she will be talking about her life and random adventures with sometimes more than two legged creatures. I guess there's only one more thing left to say ... HIT IT LINDSAY!! </editorsnote>

#TalkNerdyToMeLover's @TheCraftafarian

My name is Lindsay and I'm a 26 year old nerd living in Orlando area in FL with my boyfriend and 6 (yeah SIX) pets. I work full time as a veterinary technician at a small animal practice about 30 minutes from my apartment. The way I describe myself is: nerdy, crafty, animal lover, hippie, professor at sarcasm (one day I'm sure it'll be a doctorate, haha) earthy, blogger, wannabe photographer, and vet tech extraordinaire.

I hope to entertain you all with my life experiences ranging from:  random adventures, stories of vet teching, life with a live in boyfriend and 6 pets, crafts including DIY and photography, amazing wit, awkward humor, often intense sarcasm and just my general nerdiness. (and I'm totally open to answering ANY questions about animals or animal medicine, and if I don't know the answer I will FIND it for you!)
Here's a litte bit about me (and my life so far)...

Lets start with the boy: We started our relationship while I lived in Orlando, FL but then I shot him down and moved to gainesville. I realized shortly after what I gave up and called him (he is really a wonderful man, I love him very much). We had ups and downs throughout our relationship (as anyone does) and eventually figured out how to make it work. About a year and a half later I decided to move back to Orlando due to my job sucking terribly and my best friend didn't live in Gainesville anymore so I had nothing to keep me there. We've been going strong ever since. It will be 5 years May 2012. Yikes!!

Talk nerdy to me: I've been a nerd since I was young. Learned the nerdy ways from my geeky dad. He was always rebuilding a computer of some kind. He likes to remind me of a story from when I was 2 or 3. They had set up a game program for me and taught me how to insert the floppy disks. But little did they know I wanted to do it allll by myself and ended up jamming the floppy disks in a crevice between the drive and the computer itself. Hahaha. I've been a huge book worm since I learned to read. I was reading chapter books and sci-fi/fantasy back in like 1st grade and up. Yes kids, thats right. I was 6 years old reading novels. My mom is computer saavy but no where near my dad and I (parents divorced when I was like 6 or 7). AIM (aol instant messenger) was the shit for my friends and I back in the day. That and the random online SIM games. Fun fun! Well one day my dad gave me his old laptop (and I was already a very proficient at the computer and typing, seriously I type over 100 wpm...yeah I'm a freak) and I only got worse haha. Never looked back, love my technology.

Social networking:
LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Its very reassuring to reach and find that so many people out there think kinda like you and love the same things. I've loved aim from the start and facebook I was just DYING to get into (back when it was only for college students).  Now I still love facebook but I truly love chatting and connecting on twitter and thru blogging. I would SO love if you follow or friend me or whatever!

Vet tech-ery and Animals (not that isn't really a I make up words sometimes): I've been working in a veterinary clinic since I was 12. At 14 I was put on payroll and became official. This october will be my 12th year anniversary of vet teching. Wow. wow wowowowow. I love it, I love everything freaking minute of it. I mean, don't get me wrong some days suck. Owners don't want to listen to our recommendations, the economy sucks so no one ever has money, and damnit sometimes I get scratched and bit. But its my passion, I love animals and science and medicine.  There's nothing like saving a sick one and the look in their owner's (we call them mommy and daddy) eyes when you tell them their beloved baby will be ok. OMG. Amazing. Just makes my heart and soul sing!!!  I currently work in a small animal practice but I have worked in private speciality clinic (equivalent of going to a human specialist but for animals) and I have worked at the University of FL (Gainesville) Small Animal ICU for the Veterinary Medical Center. I have tons of experience but I'm always always always asking questions, reading, and learning every day.

Pets: It will be brief since I will probably write about them. 2 husky mixes: Wynnie and River. 2 cats: Cat and EV. 2 bearded dragons (google it!): Kylie and Ebeneezer. They are my life <3 And my boyfriend...does he count? He's actually accused me on more than one occasion of treating him like a pet. Ha! Even if I do (I may, I have no idea) he should know that means I love him soooo much.
So thats me...I'm sure I could add more but this is an awful long introduction post. (sorry guys!) Please reach out to me, Jen has inspired me so much with her stories and her amazing upbeat and often optimistic attitude (at first I typed attidude, I say dude a lot. A TON.) to just get out there and grab at life. So I am here, grabbing at you guys to say hi. hello. whatever. get out there and DO.


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