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#TrueStory: I was ditched by my date in Miami (AND I WAS IN A BIKINI!)

What a weird little adventure in Miami that was. There I was sitting pool side after getting ditched by my date and what do I read? Literally the SWEETEST thing I have ever read by someone very very very dear to me. 


The second I read that I ABSOLUTELY started bawling my eyes out. Hilarious considering the rejected status, that it was actually love that made me cry more than anything. 

I'm getting ahead of myself, as usual. Here's the song that goes with the post ... 

Last week I got hit up by a duderino online inviting me out to Miami for a date.

AMAZING, I replied back. I just got back from Miami on Monday, and I LOVED it, I said. 

We then started chatting exchanging texts, calls, and emails. 

Within hours of the first correspondence my flight was booked. 

Of course, I had googled this duderino, btw and he was SUPPEERRR fancy pants and in all of the papers. 

See, I can't say who he is, or exactly what he does obvi, but he is very very very known in certain circles and he is the kinda dude that when he accepts a new job, it makes the press. 

Get it? 

Big deal. Super fancy pants. 

Either way ... we seem to share a lot of the same common interests and love for adventure, so I had to admit that I was genuinely looking forward to meeting this guy. 

Thursday night then came before I knew it, (I was set to fly out Friday morning), and as usual with my early morning flights I planned to just crash at the airport. 

See, you sound super gangster when you tell people you crash at the airport but it's genuinely one of the safest places you could be and for me, it forces me to get through all of the emails that I'm an asshole and don't answer right away. The security lines open between 4:15 and 4:30 so if you get to the airport around midnight you really only have 4 hours to kill time or sleep. (click here to learn how to sleep in airports

Before that though, in an effort to check off more items on my bliss list, I got hit up by @chelofthesea asking if I wanted to attend an event for the charity that she worked for. (She knew I was super passionate about volunteering.)

AMAZING! I said, count me in!!

I then packed up all of my awesomeness and took the city bus downtown to head to the event.

I then got there, and was immediately OVERWHELMED by the amount of love in the room. 

The charity is called Here's more info ... 

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) is the only full-time grassroots organization in North America devoted to the North Korean human rights and humanitarian crises. LiNK provides protection and aid to North Korean refugees hiding in China and, utilizing a modern-day underground railroad through Southeast Asia, rescues refugees and helps them to reach freedom. LiNK’s global grassroots movement works to redefine public perception on North Korea, shifting attention away from the politics and onto the people, and provides a way for concerned citizens to come alongside the North Korean people and help bring about positive change. LiNK also works to develop people-focused strategies that will have the potential to promote change inside North Korea in the long term.

OH and OH OH OH!! Here's a super powerful super awesome video that with each view gets .25 cents donated to the cause. (WATCH PLEASE!!) 

I was extremely inspired by the amount of passion exuded by each of the speakers. They were so articulate and you could FEEELLLL how much this movement meant to them. 


I had never thought about North Korea from a human to human perspective - only the political side. If we were playing a game of word association the FIRST word that would pop into my head if someone said North Korea would be BAD

Hearing these people speak though, I learned all about how they are using technology to actually get around some of the government's strict rules. Google USB North Korea. I'm not educated enough to speak on it giving it any justice - but the stuff they are doing is HELLA smart. (yes, I said hella.) 

Either way, I had a great time at the party ... 


And look at this view from the rooftop!!! 

Around 11 we bounced and Chelsea offered to drive me to the airport. (How cool is she??) 

In the back of her car I then switched out of my dress and into my hoodie, and shorts prepping myself for the overnight stay. 

I got to the airport about 20 minutes later and claimed my stake next to an outlet. 


I then got all of my work done, got through security, and passed out on my plane a few hours later. 

At around 4pm (on Friday) I got into Miami and my date texted me that there would be a sign with my name on it down by the baggage claim. 

He sent a car, I thought. 

See, I had gotten an email about something called Go Shuttle, but I just assumed I would have to find a shuttle South Beach, and that he had just reserved my spot. 

Being a gentleman though, and with a lady in an unfamiliar town, it was an extremely efficient and generous gesture. 

I then meet the driver and plop on down in the town car. 


We briefly chit chat, but I was barely keeping up as I was so consumed with the beauty that is Miami. 

45 minutes later we arrived at the hotel. I texted my date that I was in the lobby. 

Moments later, I see him emerge through the front door. (The hotel had three buildings.)

Hi, he says hugging me careful to not spill his drink. 

We're over in the building over here. Let's walk over. 

We then get into my room, and there is a fruit plate and bottle of Moet champagne waiting. 

It's great to finally meet you he says popping the cork as I sit down on the couch. 

You too, I say with a smile. (He is even cuter in person.) 

We then start chatting, and the guy was super easy to talk to. He's had an enormous amount of travel experience so he told me all about his adventures abroad (which included the mile high club.) 

Funny, I didn't ask, I thought. 

We drank our champagne and he then excused himself so I could get ready. 

I'm a perv, but not a pervert, he said. 

Creepy, I thought. Whatever, just say yay, Friel. 

YAY! I say back to him. 

I then get in the shower and freshen up after my long night/ day of travel. 

I walk downstairs and again, meet my date. 

Ready? he asks. 

Yep! I say. 

We then walk outside and he IMMEDIATELY goes and grabs my hand. 

My eyes shoot down and I literally just stare at our hands. 

My brain screams, he's touching me, he's touching me, he's touching me. We haven't reached this point yet - we are only 30 minutes into this date!!! 

I need to hold a woman's hand, he says. It sends a clear signal to everyone that you are together. 

Uh, uh, uh, I think. 

Do you mind if we hold hands? 

A little late now I thought. 

It's fine, I say, wanting to get out of my own comfort zone and explore something new. 

<tangent> Hand holding btw on a first date is a SUPPPEERRRRR big no no. Hand holding is incredibly intimate, and something that should be reserved for at LEAST the third date. Before that, you could link arms at the most, but never ever ever try to grab the hand. Chicks don't dig it. </tangent> 

We then head over to a super fancy steak house, and we are immediately sat in a very nice booth. 

I know the chef, he said. 

Awesome, I say staring down at the menu. 

Come here, he says, placing a hand on my menu pulling me in closer to him. 

Our lips lock.

WOAH WOAH WOAH, my brain screams. He's kissing me ... WHY is he kissing me at the dinner table?!?!!?


He then pulls away smiling. 

I have a litmus test, he said. If I kiss a girl and she makes me hard, I know it is going to be good. 

He smiles adjusting his pants. 

OMG OMG OMG, did he really just say that? I thought

Yay? I say back unsure. 

Did I really just say yay to an erection, I thought? Whatever, just go with it Friel. 

I continue to look back at the menu but my body is noticeably tense. 

My mouth has just been molested and he keeps insisting on touching me. I am unsure what to do with both of these scenarios. 

<tangent> I've said this before, I'll say it again, I'm like a dog. I date a lot and when it comes to first dates I need to sniff you out. Let me ask questions, check out your responses. If you IMMEDIATELY go in for the kill I am ABSOLUTELY going to lose interest and bounce. I need space. Lots and lots and lots of space. Let. Me. Come. To. You. </tangent> 

I then dined on goose liver pate, ceviche, and sushi. There were about 6 or 7 courses in all and it was SUPER delicious. 

After dinner he then toured me around the hotel showing me all of the places a shoot for one of his clothing lines was going to occur. 

This guy LOVED talking about himself, btw. I've genuinely never seen anything like it.

This is where we are going to be shooting the models, and this is where they are going to be made up. 

Now, I'm ALL for getting to know someone and hearing what they're passionate about - but everything on this guy was so fucking pompous. He wasn't just telling me these things because it was an interest of his, he was doing it to TOTALLY show off and it was SO boring. 

Being such a passionate person in general, I have an enormous amount of difficulty dealing with boredom. 

Yay, I kept saying back to everything he was saying. 

You're like the yay queen, he said. 

Yeah, because this has stopped feeling like a date I thought and I'm now in kindergarten teacher mode congratulating you on all of these things that completely disinterest me. 

This guy was SUCH a show off. 

He then takes me to yet ANOTHER location for the shoot, this time on the roof. 

He talks all about the shots they are looking to get and I'm genuinely not sure what else came out of his mouth because I stopped paying attention. 

He then moved behind my shoulders and started to massage them. 

You're so tense, he said. 

I know. I run a business, I say back sharply. It's very stressful. 

Let's go back and I'll give you a massage. 

Okay, I say not skipping a beat. 

Now, at this point, I KNEW this guy was pretty freaking pervy but he admitted to spending a lot of time reading the site (and even dreaming about me - creepy), so it's pretty much common knowledge that I haven't had sex in months. Being a mildly respectable gentleman, my gut told me that he wouldn't try anything. 

We then get back to my room, and I get into my grungy Connecticut t-shirt and shorts (totally not sexy, btw. Another clear signal. If I was interested in something "more" from this massage I would have offered to put on just a towel.)

He then starts massaging me, and he was good ... DAMN GOOD. 

Within minutes I pass out. 

He tries nothing. 

The next morning, I wake up at around 10. 

He is already out and about putzing around the suite. 

Good morning, he says. 

Hi, I say adjusting my eyes to the light. (I am NOT a morning person, btw. I need time to collect myself and process logical thought. Also, because I have no concept of days, I make a conscious effort to wake up every day between 730 and 8. This way I never sleep in too late and miss out on too much work wise. Discipline people! discipline!!) 

I let you sleep in, he says. 

The record in my head then skips. 

ARRGHHH? I think. "Let me?" Who the hell does this guy think he is? 

I then explain to him that I have to answer some comments and tweets super fast but that I'll be ready in just a bit. 

I should have poked you an hour earlier, he then said. 

I stare back at him. 

Words come out of this man's mouth, but I GENUINELY don't think he actually considers what he is saying. He not only comes across as a COMPLETE asshole, but SUCH an idiot. Considering this guy's profession and level of success, there HAS to be something I am missing. 

He then steps outside but immediately pops his head back in the suite. 

There's a cart outside, he says excited. Let's grab some more shampoo and conditioner!!! 

He comes back in with HANDFULS of toiletries and even a roll of toilet paper. 

Is this real life, I thought? Toiletries are fun, yes, but exactly how many does one person need? This is so weird. 

At this point I can't tell if this guy is an absolute idiot or some crazy genius. There is going to be no middle ground in this scenario. 

I then get ready putting on the shirt he bought me on our walk the night before. 

<tangent> While we were walking to the steak house there was this super high-larious t-shirt in one of the windows. He got super excited and said we should get it. So ... we did. </tangent> 

There is nothing more awesome btw than being a tourist and wearing as many SUPER obnoxious shirts as possible. The looks this baby got were pretty incredible ... 


We then grabbed frozen drinks on South Beach the size of my head ... 

... and talked about life and love. 

Are you ready for the pitter patter of little feet, he asked? 

I don't think anyone is ever ready, I say back. I'm not looking to just have kids in general, but I'm definitely screening the guys that I date now WAY more carefully. I'm definitely looking to settle down and I'm definitely ready for a change in my life. 

He smiled. 

We then finished up our drinks and headed back to the hotel to go over to the pool. The hotel had given us a bottle of Absolut Miami fruit flavored vodka so my date mixed our drinks before heading upstairs. 

The pool btw was absolutely BEAAAUUUTTIIFFUUUULLLL. 


I love love love Miami beach. Everyone is so beautiful and it just has this environment that you don't get in LA. People are so ... posh. It's crazy awesome. 

My date then starts commenting on some of the women. 

See, in LA, beautiful women go there to be discovered and to be actresses. Here in Miami, they just want to model and marry rich and pop out babies. It's a very different dynamic. 

I can't imagine the dating scene down here, I said. 

It's nuts and all of the women try to look better than everyone else. It's extremely competitive. 

I then thought about my own life. 

I can't imagine not marrying and having children out of love. Like, I get why people do it, I'm not an idiot - but you end up selling yourself so short on such a blessed and amazing existence. I grew up in SUCH a loving household and while my parents didn't have a lot when my brother and I were born, they worked their fannies off and built their own mini empire. They started with the love, and the money came after. Miami SO has this backwards, I thought. 

To each their own, Friel. 

We then continued chatting and I don't know, he was starting to grow on me at this point. I didn't romantically feel any chemistry but I wasn't mad at the guy. 

See that bikini cut over there, he said pointing to the woman across the pool? 

That's the wrong size for her cup. She needs a halter. 

Oh, I say staring at another woman's breasts. 

And see that over there? She's too flat for that cut. Now those shorts though - wow. 

Are we really doing this, I thought? I'm genuinely not the jealous type but this is a date! I don't want to sit there and comment on things like this. This guy is HANDS DOWN the worst conversationalist I have ever come across. He's so fucking pervy man. He's turning into a total creeper mcgee. 

I'm going to take a nap now, he announces at around 5. 

Alrite, I say. I'm going to stay here and just chill. 

He looks back kind of surprised, but decides to go with it. 

I'll text you later, I say. 

The SECOND he leaves me, two dudes walk over. 

Where did your date go? one of the guys ask. 

I sit up adjusting my bikini now conscious of how the man's mind processes the little details. 

He went downstairs. He'll be back, I say not wanting to be rude or disrepectful to my date even though he wasn't present. 

One of the guys sits down on the bed. (There were chaise bed thingies by the pool.) 

Is it okay if I sit here? 

Sure, I say, being friendly. 

I'm Jen, I say out stretching my hand. 

Hi, I'm Mark. (Names changed to protect the guilty)

Where are you from, Jen? 

Los Angeles, I say back. 

Wow, he says super excited pulling more of his friends over. (Everyone is REALLY excited to hear you are from LA in Miami, btw. I don't know why they all like it so much but this was pretty much everyone's response.) 

Look at this girl's face, he says to one of his friends. She LOOKS like California. 

Can I take a picture with you? 

Sure, I say hopping up from the bed placing my arm around him. 

I then pose for about 5 shots with each of the guys. They even video some of it. 

Say hi, California. 

HELLOOOO, I say back!! Kisses from Miami!!!! I say with a smile into the camera. 

We catch up for a few minutes and then moments later the music changes and three women emerge on the deck and start dancing rather suggestively. 


The one in the green dress then put her ass cheecks on the pole entering into the swimming pool and did that stripper trick where they move their butt in and out like a butterfly. 

I can't describe it, but as a woman - there is NO WAY you naturally know how to move your body that way. 

These women are pros, I thought. 

<tangent> That's actually really smart though if you think about it. As a hotel owner, I would TOTALLY invite a handful of these girls to come up and party at the pool to keep things lively. Everyone IMMEDIATELY busted out their phones and began videotaping and taking pics. What BRILLIANT marketing and obviously money making for the women since they have a captive audience and I'm sure some interested potential new clients. Win win for everyone!! You go on wit' yo professional selves, and LMK if you want to borrow my shirt!! =) =) </tangent> 

I then texted my date around 7 and asked if he was awake. 

I never slept, he admitted. 

I headed back to the room and started to get ready. He sat on the couch as I did so.

Straightening the hairrrrrrrrrrrrr, he said as I was styling it from the Florida heat. 

Yep, I say back, dry. 

The way he said it actually reminded me of that Rob Schneider office guy skit on SNL. 

Three or four times as I was getting ready he said the most BLATANTLY obvious observations ever. 

Again, not knowing what to say back, like a broken record, I just kept saying YAY

I didn't know people like this actually existed, I thought. 

I then got ready pretty quickly sitting down on the bed putting on my boots. 

WOOAHH, he says as he sees me stand. 

Those are fuck me boots, he replies. 


No they're not I quickly reply back in an effort to negate any sexual energy. These are from the fall collection from Blowfish Shoes. They're new and my super duper fav!! 

Yeah, but come on, look at you in those things - those are fuck me boots. 

I barely dignify his response with a smile, but ask, are you ready to go? 

Yep! He said placing his jacket on. 

We then head over to dinner and conversation again flows pretty naturally. This guy LOVED talking about himself so I just kept asking question after question and he seemed to just go along with it. 

After dinner we then walked over to a party for a big gay promoter in Miami. It was his 8th anniversary of this one event - and my date insisted that we go. 

This is going to be SUCH a riot, he said. Really good stuff for you to write about. 

Alrite, I said back. 

We then start walking and I don't know how the conversation came up but he started talking about tieing me up. 

Instead of becoming offended like I had been at 90% of everything else that came out of his mouth, I immediately switched into domme mode and decided to pwn him. 

You know I'm a domme, right? I sharply say back clicking my boots. I don't bow, men bow to me. 

He scoffs saying, oh I'd spank you. 

I stare back at him completely unimpressed and disinterested. One, dominating isn't actually sexual; it's psychological, and two, this guy couldn't dominate a fruit fly, let alone me. 

He'd make a good slave though. It's always the super big wigs that get off on being submissive. He's in denial of his sub-ness, I thought. Whatever, to each their own. 

We then arrive at the party, grab drinks, and sit down in one of the corner booths. 

At this point, we had spent almost 30 hours together and between his completely pervy nature, pompous attitude - I was starting to reach a breaking point. 

I can genuinely only humor someone for so long. 

He then starts commenting on some of the women at the party. 

Here we go again, I thought. 

These women are such "insert completely offensive term." 

Excuse me, I WHIP back at him. Did you really just use that word? 

What do you mean, he said? It's the truth!! They are!! 

OMG, I say touching my hand to my chest. Dude, don't say that, please. 

What?!?! He says. It's true!! 

He then takes out his phone and googles the term. 

OMG OMG OMG this is happening, I thought. 

He then spends literally the next 10 minutes justifying not only the context of the word but how it is socially acceptable. 

It's not!! I say back arguing at this point. There is NOTHING EVER okay with that word. 

<tangent> My parents instilled in my brain growing up that just because someone was different I should never, EVER make fun of them or call them names. Having been made fun of myself so much growing up, I get SUPER protective and awkward when people make off colored jokes like that. It's just not funny and not cool. Period end of sentence. </tangent>

He then kept pressing and pressing the issue. 

OMG, please just change the topic, I said back realizing we are now legitimately arguing. 

The party's resident drug dealer (cocaine t-shirt and all) then approaches us. 

Normally, I tell people to keep it down, he says - but you two ... wow. Liven up over there. What's going on? 

I start laughing. 


There's the host, my date says. Let's go say hi. 

We then get up from the table and he knocks over my champagne. 

Party foul, he says. 

I stare back at him. 

We then go and greet the host, and are even given gift bags. 

Very nice party, I say with a smile happy to be talking to anyone other than my date. 

Thank you, he said gracefully. 

We then walk back to the booth and my date pretends like he didn't just spill my drink. 

Um, I think, are you not going to get me another drink? 

Let's get a shot, he said motioning to the free shots they were handing out. 

I'm genuinely not a shot person, but I was SHOCKED at this point that he wasn't going to at least be nice and refill my drink. It was half full!!! This guy REALLY doesn't know how to date. 

Happy to at least no longer be arguing, I just decided to go with it. 

I'm going to go get a water, would you like one? he asked. 

Sure, I said. 

He then walked up to the bar and moments later another guy approached me. 

Why are you here alone, he asked. 

I'm not, I say. I'm actually on a date. 

The guy laughs. Your date brought you HERE to this gay party? 

Yeah, I said. 

Is HE gay? 

I laugh saying I'm not entirely sure. 

I'm Jen, I say out stretching my hand. 

Hi, Jen! he replies back. 

We then start talking and come to find out he's from Boston (about 90 minutes north of my hometown) and while he works in finance he's super passionate about marketing and PR. 

There's no money in it, he said. 

Are you KIDDING? I replied back. Dude, social media!! You just have to get a grip on the emerging tech and marketing scene. There's a TON of money being thrown at it. 

He smiled. 

Your date still isn't back, he said. He's been gone for quite a while. 

He inched closer. 

Yeah, I said. It's not exactly going very well, but I'm still being respectful, I say indicating that I wasn't on the prowl. 

He smiled again and seconds later my date sits down next to me. 

He hands me my water. 

Did he recognize you, he asked? 

No, I said. He was hitting on me. 

Normally, btw, I would NEVER EVER EVER admit to another man that I was being hit on - but this guy was just bothering me SO much at this point it slipped out. 


We then continue talking about the moon, and other surface level conversation topics. 

Here, he says taking out his phone. 

Smile for a picture. 

NO, I say immediately putting my hand up to his camera. 

I don't want my picture taken. 

Why NOT? he said. 

Because if you post it and tag me in it people will be able to connect the dots that you're the guy in my story. I'm very protective of people I know I'm going to write about. 

THIS IS THE BRAND TALKING, he YELLS back. You say you want to settle down, you say you want a boyfriend and husband, but look at you. You won't even let people take pictures of you!! You have no intimate relationships!!!!!! 

I stare back at him capturing all of the anger and disgust in his micro-expressions. 

This guy REALLY didn't like me in this moment. He was REALLY going for the jugular at that point. 

Instead of reacting, however, I just laughed to myself. I DO have intimate relationships now, I thought, I'm just not writing about them!!! I can genuinely say I've never felt so blessed and so loved in absolutely all of my life, and this guy is not only a dick, I'm just over all of his everything. 

FTR, it actually had less to do with him posting anything anywhere, I just found it HORRIFICALLY tacky to ask to take a picture of your date, and considering when this guy was showing me his computer earlier he ALSO revealed that he had an ENTIRE FOLDER of pictures of me on there ... I was so so genuinely creeped out. Taking pictures on a first date is extremely tacky. Just enjoy each other's company, period end of sentence. 





Everything in the air changed in that moment, and I kept begging him to drop it. 

He turns to me and says, he's hanging around here waiting to talk to you. (He was motioning to the guy from Boston who was still seated next to us.) 

I know, I said. 

Listen, let's just go back to the hotel, I said. We can have some drinks there. 

I then said good bye to Mr. Boston saying it was a pleasure meeting him, and we walked back to the hotel. 

He did not hold my hand. 

We then get back to the suite and instead of continuing to drink I suggested we turn on the TV and watch a movie. 

Great, he said. 

He then takes his phone and begins answering texts in front of me. Because of where I was sitting I could very obviously see he was texting a woman named Heather. 

Is he REALLY now TEXTING another woman in front of me?? 

This guy is literally one of the worst daters I have ever seen. 

Sure, we're not exactly getting along but COME ON. It's about respect, man. 

I grab the remote not wanting to deal with him anymore. 

I settle on Walk The Line, but the movie ends moments later. 

He then finishes up his texting and grabs the remote changing it to a 1970s documentary on the venus fly trap. 

Really? Really? I thought. 

Now, I LOOVVEEE me some documentaries, but it's 1:30 at this point and I'm ON A FREAKING DATE!! Is this really what has become of my life?!?! Is THIS what happens when you stop having casual sex??!?!!

I posted my frustration on Facebook ... 


I woke up the next morning around 9 CONVINCED to at least clear out some of the negative energy and have a respectable next few hours with my date before my flight back to LA. 

Good morning sunshine, I said as I woke up. 

He says nothing. 

This is going to get weeiiirrrddd, I thought. 

He then goes over to the mini-bar and pours me a glass of juice handing it to me in bed.  

This is sweet, I thought. Alrite, maybe he hates me 5% less than I thought. 

You have until 11 he said before you have to check out of this room. I'll meet you downstairs in the main lobby. 

Alrite, I said. We can just head up to the pool to kill the time before I have to head to the airport. 

Great, he said as he left. 

I then got ready putting on my bikini. 


This guy was very visual so what better way to just make things easier by being half naked around him all day. It was my plan to look extra sexy sexy so he would at least calm down and hopefully we could have a fun next few hours. 

I posted my plan on instagram but careful not to tweet it out incase he was going to read it. 

I then walk down to the lobby and text my date letting him know that I am there. 


The SECOND I sent that text, I knew in my GUT that he had ditched me. I can't describe it - it was a total gut reaction. 

I waited for a few minutes staring around at the people in the lobby. 

He's definitely not here, I said, and it's not like he was going to go anywhere. 

He TOTALLY pulled an irish goodbye and peaced out. 

I start HYSTERICALLY laughing in the lobby. 

This is SOOOOO fantastic!!! FINALLY this guy grew a pair of balls and did something INTERESTING!! 

He and I didn't get along. There was no hard feelings - we just didn't resonate on the same level. How AMAZING that I don't have to sit through meaningless conversation for the next however long.

This is GREAT!!! I thought.

My strategist brain kicked in first though, and made sure to confirm that not only the car service was still going to shuttle me to the airport but that he also hadn't cancelled my ticket home. 

I knew this guy was a creeper mcgee and TOTAL pervert, but I had to make sure he wasn't a complete asshole at the same time and did something douchey. 

Either way to be honest, I know I'd be fine. I could have tweeted an airline or figured out a way to get home worst, worst case scenario - but certainly keeping my flight plans as is would have made everything easier. 

I then called the car company and checked in for my flight. Both were still on and confirmed. 

See, I thought, pervert but not a complete asshole. 

YAY LIFE!!!!! 

I then called my parents (since they live in Florida) letting them know about my unexpected free time in Miami. 

I wanted you guys to have first dibs on my free day, I said to my parents who had me on speaker phone. 

DAUGHTER, my father said sternly. WHY ON EARTH did you go across country for a date to have the guy leave you like this? WHAT HAPPENED??

Nothing, I said to my father. We just didn't hit it off. No hard feelings, I'm actually SUPER EXCITED to have the day to explore Miami. 

My parents then continue to freak out. 

Listen, mom and dad, I love you both - please trust that I am fine. I am going to meet up with some friends, and everything is genuinely okay. 

My poor, poor parents btw. Sure all of these adventures are out there and wild, but MY PARENTS READ THIS WEBSITE!!! They know what's going down, and while they are extremely proud, they are 9 times out of 10 at a complete loss for words at my lifestyle choice. 

I then posted on Facebook and tweeted out my predicament ... 


I genuinely couldn't stop laughing at the entire situation. This guy just gave me an ENORMOUS gift and again, I have ABSOLUTELY no hard feelings for the dude. Go him!! That was the first thing that he did all weekend that I genuinely respected. 

I then left my bags with the concierge as I put on my headphones and strolled South Beach in my bikini. 

I may have been using it as a sexy sexy weapon for my date, but now I was going to use it to meet a new dude. 

I then grabbed a frozen drink on South Beach and thought about my life. 

I LOVVVEEEE beach culture, I thought. There is nothing that makes me happier than just sitting in a bathing suit with sunglasses on enjoying the sun and people watching. 

What a perfect day. 

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I then finished up my drink and headed back to the hotel pool to lounge and catch some rays. 

After about two hours of lounging I decided to get SOME work done so I plopped on my email and started reading through some of the posts that were going to go live on the site. 

One was from Ms. Steph Belsky, and was to my surprise, all about me and this website in general. 

Here is a snippet ... 


I immediately start bawling while I'm reading it. 

I reach for my iPhone and call her. 

STEPHANIE, I scream into the phone as she answers. Were you TRYING to make me cry reading your post?? 

She starts laughing. I wondered how long it would take you before you were going to read it. 

This is hands down the most beautiful thing anyone has ever written about me. I can't thank you enough for these kind words. I love you so much, I said. 

Aw, babe, she said back, I love you too!! 

I then start laughing. 

You have to understand this life moment I am having right now, I explain. I am sitting pool side in paradise after JUST getting ditched by my date, and now I am sobbing hysterically not because some dude left me, but because of my friend who told me how much I mean to her. This is so, so, beautiful Steph. 

I meant every word, she replied back. 

We then agreed to get together this week and I hung up the phone and continued to cry. 

I'm so blessed, I thought. Not just because of this website, but because for the first time in my life I'm actually telling people HOW MUCH I care about them and HOW MUCH they mean to me. They are then expressing how much I mean to them ... and I've never felt anything like this in my entire life. Here is this guy literally to my face telling me I am incapable of intimacy, yet this is one of the most intimate moments of my life and it is this expression of true love. What completely random timing, I thought!! 

The universe is so so so abundant, I thought. 

An hour later I caught my flight back home, and now here I be. I feel so grateful to have had this life experience and even MORE grateful to now spend time this week with people that I love. 

THAT is what life is about, and I'm so grateful that it took being "rejected" for me to come to that conclusion. 

Thanks a heap Miami duderino!!! 

Much love and many blessings on your own journey!! xoxoxo


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    #TrueStory: I was ditched by my date in Miami (AND I WAS IN A BIKINI!) - Home - Talk Nerdy To Me Lover
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  • Response
    #TrueStory: I was ditched by my date in Miami (AND I WAS IN A BIKINI!) - Home - Talk Nerdy To Me Lover
  • Response
    #TrueStory: I was ditched by my date in Miami (AND I WAS IN A BIKINI!) - Home - Talk Nerdy To Me Lover
  • Response
    #TrueStory: I was ditched by my date in Miami (AND I WAS IN A BIKINI!) - Home - Talk Nerdy To Me Lover
  • Response
    #TrueStory: I was ditched by my date in Miami (AND I WAS IN A BIKINI!) - Home - Talk Nerdy To Me Lover
  • Response
    #TrueStory: I was ditched by my date in Miami (AND I WAS IN A BIKINI!) - Home - Talk Nerdy To Me Lover

Reader Comments (1)

Funnily enough that's not the first time I've heard that observation about women in Miami. I think that might just explain why my dating life has been horrendous! lol

Sad about the negative portion on your latest experience here but happy about the perspective you gained on life.

I look forward to the hypothetical event that we are actually nursing home roomies many years from now

October 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAl

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