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#TrueStory: Tomorrow I have a date that I may or may not need a passport for

I'm clearly a magnet for crazy. Like energy attracts so this is all making sense now. 

Anywho, had an interesting last 24 hours that I had to share. 

Obviously this is the song that goes with the post ... 

So last night, instead of heading to my buddy's party I opted to go to the Chateau Marmont. I know the dude at the door so I had an in. There was apparently some super fancy pant party and he said it was going to be pretty solid. 

We (I was with my buddy Amanda) got there pretty early and he was right - the place was packed. 

We moseyed on over to the bar getting our first drink and within SECONDS dudes started hitting on us. It was kinda gnarly actually. I've never tried so little at a bar and gotten so much attention.

One of the first dudes to come up was dressed as a swimmer and was EXXXTTTRRREEMMMEELLLYYY intense. 

Who are you? He kept asking. I need to know you! (Sound familiar? Cough cough Antonio

I then told him what I did and my life's elevator pitch. (Crashed the grammys, danced on stage with Prince, bartered social media to live for a year getting to 12 states with just $10 to my name and went out on over 103 dates in 9 months.) 

He then told me a little bit about what he did (used to be an actor, now is a director and has a start up).

That's amazing, I replied back. 

Look at you!! He kept pressing. Those eyes and that smile. 

Thank you, I kept saying not knowing how much further he was going to take all of this.

Pro Tip: Easy on the compliments when you first meet a girl, guys. It's extremely extremely sweet, but can get a little overwhelming as a female. 

Then, Amanda and I decided to putz around a bit. 

We met some new dudes, got new drinks ... the usual. 

I then started talking to another guy and Amanda walked back to the first dude. 

A few minutes later I went looking for her. 

She grabs me as the first dude went to use the restroom.

He won't stop talking about you, she said. What did you do to this guy? 

I started laughing. I DON'T KNOW!! He's super super intense. I feel like either my face is going to get chewed off bath salt style or he's going to start humping me. There is going to be no middle ground!!! 

I need to see you again, he pressed by the end of the night. 

Okay, I said. Here's my number. 

I then gave him my real phone number. 

Great. This is great. 

He then continued getting super intense and all up in my grill. 

AHHHH, I thought. Bathroom. Escape escape!! 

I then snuck off and started talking to a few more guys. 

As we were getting ready to leave, he found me again. 

I need to see you again, he repeated.

Dude, I gave you my number, I said. This is ABSOLUTELY out of my control at this point. The rest is up to you. 

I'm going to call you, he said. 

Great! I'm looking forward to it, I said in frustration - what more can I do in this moment? 

We then hugged and parted ways for the evening. 

Then, this morning, I woke up to a phone call from a number not in my phone. 

Without thinking I just answered it. 

Hello, I said. 

It's MEEEEEE, he replied enthusiastically. 

Hello, I said immediately knowing who it was. 

What are you doing, he replied? 

I'm about to go get coffee, I said. 

Where? he replied. 

Uhhhh, at Starbucks, I said. 

Which one? 

Uhhhhhh, the one on Santa Monica. 

I live right by that one, he said.  I'll meet you there in 15. 

He then hung up the phone.

This guy is fucking nuts, I thought and he now just invited himself to have coffee with me. 

I then put on a sweatshirt, powder, and ran a comb through my hair. 

A coffee date before my shower wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but smelling I could get a story out of this I decided to run with it. 

I then went to the Starbucks, ordered my coffee, and moments later he arrived.

I wanted to pay for your coffee!!! He said excited.

Wow, look at you, he said. 

It's lovely to see you again, I replied.

He then ordered his tea and we sat down outside. 

So tell me more about what you do, I said trying to remember everything from the previous evening. 

Well, I'm an entrepreneur. Used to be an actor. 

Anything I've seen, I asked?

Yes, he said. 

Okay ... like .... 

I don't want to talk about it, he said. 

Were you in porn, I asked? 

No, he said. 

Noted. Moving on. 

We then talked for about a half hour about life and love. This guy is a BUNNDDLLLEEE of energy and has these MASSIVE blue eyes that are like saucers. 

This is so intense, I thought. 

I want to take you out on a date, he said. 

Okay, I replied. I'm going to San Francisco sunday (more on that in a second) but I can kick it tomorrow night. 

Great! He said super excited. 

Alrite, well text me, I said standing up. Looking forward to it. 

He then gets a few inches away from my face and says, tell all the other guys you are dating that a REAL MAN is chasing you now. 

I immediately start laughing. 

Did that really just come out of your mouth? I thought. 

That's a good one, I said. Thank you. 

I then walked away. 

An hour later I get this text message ... 


You know the saying "game recognizes game?" Well this is crazy recognizing crazy. I am fucking nuts. I am the FIRST one to admit it ... but this guy??? FUUUCCCKKKKK he's bat shit. 

And, now I have a date with him tomorrow. 

I just hope I don't end up in jail in a third world country ... my virginal bum hole might not be able to handle it. 

Oh oh ... San Francisco ... lemme get back to that super fast. 

So, I have the BIIIGGGGEEESSSTTT crush on Ben Way. He popped on my radar screen because he's in the new Bravo show Start Up: Silicon Valley.

I'm actually genuinely surprised I haven't bumped into him before since we both run in the same circles and I'm social media buds with his sister. Either way, I asked him out and he's totally game and even invited me to the premier party for them on Monday. Now, thanks to my buddies over at Lyft who offered their transportation services again, I am en route up there and I'll be in SF Sunday night til Tuesday morning for my date with Ben. 

How epic is that? LOOK AT THOSE DREAMY EYES!!!! 


This is going to be So. Much. Fun. 



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