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#NerdsUnite: Big lights, big city, and a journey into confidence

<editorsnote> Nerds, meet my buddy Jordan. He's a youngin living in the great big apple in the hopes of becoming his dream, a theater director. Will he make it? Won't he? What problems and struggles will he deal with along the way. I have no idea ... so that's why he's here. I only have one more thing left to say ... HIT IT JORDAN!!! </editorsnote> 

#TalkNerdyToMeLover's Jordan Friedman

I’ve now officially survived a hurricane.

It’s almost new to me, I did get hit with Irene back in 2011, but relatively speaking what Irene did to my city was nothing compared to what Sandy did last week.  Personally, I got very lucky in this regard, what happened to me and my neighborhood was very lucky compared to the rest of this city. I never lost power, only the lights flickering throughout the day on Tuesday. I’m very stunned I never lost power considering just how large this storm actually was. There was also a lot of preparation that ended up never being used 100% but was still warranted, a lot of canned food and actually buying water by the gallon containers, which I’ve never done before. This preparation still was helpful as the grocery stores were low stocked for quite some time and still probably don’t have their full supplies back even today.  So while I never got the worst of it personally, the idea that something this powerful could have affected me for a long period of time rung in my head for quite some time. I ended up checking out my neighborhood a couple of days after Sandy hit and passed through, and what I noticed around my neighborhood is that a lot of smaller items got damaged. What I mainly noticed with Irene was one big tree near my street and not much else. With Sandy, at least 4 or 5 signs got damaged or destroyed, several large tree branches down, and 3 or 4 smaller trees affected, including one downed tree blocking the road and one that basically had its entire top ripped off. 

What really sunk in for me is how much New York City actually got hit by this. When I first heard that everything in Manhattan below 39th lost power, it blew my mind. While the news I found covered it well, I think what the news didn’t fully show is how large the area below 39th in Manhattan actually is.  So many different neighborhoods and people are in that area, and so to hear that everywhere that far lost power was something that I didn’t think could ever happen to that much of an extent. And it wasn’t just there, the people that I knew losing power in Brooklyn, Queens, and Jersey emphasized just how large this storm actually was. And that was before I knew at least two friends of mine had to leave their homes because of this storm. Not a good feeling to know that your friends are going through that. It’s not as if it’s over either. I’m right near where there is actually a gas rationing going on, only letting people getting gas every other day depending on their license plates. I haven’t heard of anything similar happening since times of war in the U.S., and I’m only miles away from where this is happening.  Here in New York, as of Friday, there were still lines a couple of blocks long to try to get a shuttle bus to go the same places as their subways could. Luckily the subways are starting to come back, but I’m honestly not expecting a full service return for quite some time.  Schools were closed here for a week, which I never saw even the worst of blizzards cancel in both school and college for me. It in a way made my cancelled rehearsals the least of my problems for awhile, figuring out safety of others and when I could safely leave the apartment again took priority.

I’m moving forward with rehearsals now thankfully, and I’ve had a very good few couple of rehearsals with this cast and crew. These people I’m working with have a lot of talent and drive, which I think is going to make the entire process worthwhile. Post-hurricane times should be very good times for me. But it’s something to think about for sure as I travel throughout my city for my work. Looking forward to blogging about theatre minus the hurricane soon.

Until next time.

Nerd responsibly.



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