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#RealDeal: Hitchhiking on a private jet is easy like Sunday morning (or your mom) 

I had no idea this was an actual "thing." I am under penalty of death to not disclose exactly how we were able to do it, so I will instead tell the story of what happened and allow in certain places for you all to connect the dots and draw your own conclusions. 

So, on Friday, I got hit up by my buddy Amber asking what I was doing this weekend. 

Are you in town? she texted. 

Absolutely! I replied back, are you? 

Yes, she said. We should film an adventure. 

Great! I said. I wanted to go to Vegas for my birthday which is next week. Want to head over there? 

Yes! She said, but we should hitchhike on a jet to get there. 

<tangent> Amber is insane. Like, I know that I'm obvi insane, but this chick is NEXT LEVEL nuts with the luxury, abundance, and gritty hustle she rocks. It's SO inspiring. She knows everyone, can get into anything, and has bigger balls than I do. </tangent> 

I have meetings all day Monday, I said. Can we make sure we are back no later than Sunday night? 

Oh, sure, she said. We'll be back in plenty of time for your meetings. 

I then checked my bank account to make sure I had enough cash to buy a last minute one way flight from anywhere in the country. 

See, we would get a ride TO a place, but getting back was not guaranteed. Now, I LIVVEEE for stories but something like this is SUPER stressful since you have ABSOLUTELY no idea where you are going to land or what is going to happen when you are there. 

I. Have. To. Be. Back. Monday. Morning. I stressed to Amber. I need you to promise me. 

Promise, she said. 

I then packed my CES bag with boots, a party dress, and my vanity case. Just incase we end up in Vegas at least I'll be dressed appropriately. If we go someplace genuinely cold though, I am going to be screwed. I am going to take that gamble, I said to myself zipping up the bag. 

I then hopped on the bus and took the metro ALLLLLLLLLLL the way down to Long Beach. (Only cost $5 on the day pass.) 

I then met up with Amber at her loft. 

HEEYYYY GIRLLL, she said so excited. 

Alrite, so let's go over everything, she said as she started packing herself. 

What did you bring? 

I then opened up my bag and showed her the boots, and party dress. 

Great, she said. Let me grab something similar. 

She then goes into her closet pulling out a dress and the same CES backpack.

Yo, we should say that we are going to Vegas for CES!! 

I start laughing, a month early? 

Sure! She said excited and packing the bag. 

We then got all of our things together and went to the cafe downstairs to strategise. 

You have the connection to Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz, I suggested, why not call them for a car? That way we can drive to Vegas and at least be guaranteed a ride back.

Great, she said, let's try Zimride too. Let me put up a post.

Moments later, she emerged from her phone. We have a ride back from Zimride, so good to go there. Let's check out Fletcher Jones though. 

She then hit up a friend of hers and he gave us a lift down to Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach. 

Here, take off those Beats (by Dre) you're wearing and put on these Diamond Tears from Monster. 

Alright, I said. I'll test 'em out. 

I then put on the new phones and fell in LOOVVEEE. 

Holy crap, I said. These are legit, and fit "snugger" than the Beats. 

I know, she said. I love them, AND you'll get so many compliments on them. 

Awesome, I said. I don't care about the compliments, but I do dig a solid sound. 

We then arrived at Fletcher Jones and unfortunately we were too last minute for a car. 

Even a loaner? Pressed Amber. 

Yes, said the sales duderino. Our service department is closed right now so we couldn't even issue a loaner. 

NOOOOOOO!!! I thought visibly shaking my fist in the air. 

Hitchhiking it is, said Amber. 

I then hit up one of my slaves (who lives in Orange County) and demanded that he take us to the airport.

We get in the car as soon as he arrives. 

Is she a domme too? asked the slave. 

Oh no, I said. But she could be! I say with a smile and a wink. 

Moments later we arrive at the airport. I thank the slave as I ask him to kiss my boot. 

He does so, as Amber starts laughing. 

Your life, she says. I love it. 
I smile as we walk into the airport. I am visibly nervous not knowing where we are going to land, or what to expect. 
Please just don't get arrested, please just don't get arrested. 

We then go and sit down in the lobby and Amber is recognized by the people working there. 

::This is the part where I can't say exactly "how" we did what we did, but just that, moments later, the President of Fry's electronics emerged from the main lobby.:: 

Amber stops him. 

Excuse me, she said, could we trouble you for a ride on your plane? 

Her candid nature and sheer ballsy-ness causes me to almost spit out my soda. 

What? says the President.

She continues, see this girl here, is pretty big on the internet and it's her birthday this week and she wanted to do something crazy and wild. I suggested we just hop on a plane and see what happens. So, here we are! Has anyone ever asked this of you in the airport lobby before? 

No, he says laughing. 

A crowd of the President's peers approaches. 

Hi, I say introducing myself. I'm Jen Friel and I created and run the website Talk Nerdy To Me, Lover. 

Hello he says. I would love to help you, but for tax purposes we have to cap off how many people are on the plane. 

Without skipping a beat I reply, but I run a site for nerds, and you're a tech company. How is this not a tax write off? 

He smiles looking down at our CES bags. 

Have you been to CES before? 

Yes, I say. 3 years strong. I'll be there again this year. 

Amber pipes up, I know the organizer too. 

Oh yeah, he says. Who do you know? 

She then drops the dude's name. 

He's not there anymore, the President said. 

Ha I'm not surprised, she said laughing. 

Then, I'm not quite sure how Monster (the headphone company) got brought up, but suddenly the President's interest was peaked. 

Do you know the CEO, he asked? 

Noel? Amber replied. Absolutely, she said. I interviewed him last year. 

These are Monster headphones, I say touching the headphones around my neck. 

The President then reaches down and grabs his phone. I'm going to call him. Will he know you? 

Yes, she said. I did this video for him. 

The President then calls Noel on his cell. 

He doesn't answer. 

I have his assistant's phone number, Amber says. 

Call the assistant, he suggests. 

Amber does to no avail. 

We stare back at the President empty handed. 

I think you girls are great, he said. You obviously have enough balls to try something like this. Come take pictures on the plane, and I'll take you girls for a ride any time you'd like after this. Here's my card. 

::he handed us his card:: 


Come on the plane, he said. 

So ... we did ... 


Thank you so so much for this, I said to the President and his peers as we emerged from the jet. You are extremely kind and I will give you oodles of love on my site. 

Not a problem, he said. And let me know and anytime I will take you girls out for a ride. 

AWESOME! We said stepping down the flight of stairs back onto the tarmac. 

ANNNNDDD just like that not only did I not miss my meetings this morning by being somewhere other than LA, BUT I made a new bestie with a private jet. 

Again, I can't reveal exactly who to ask for or what to do in this scenario (UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH) but I can say with a few of the "right" questions to ask, and a flash of credentials, ANNNYYTHHIINNGGG is possible. We were entirely honest, and did not embellish a single thing to get on that jet. 

Many, many thanks to Randy and his peers for humoring us and we are ABSOLUTELY taking you up on your offer for a ride. 

My birthday really is this Saturday. Care for a trip to Vegas??? =) =) =) 


 Special thanks to Monster Headphones for the AWESOME Diamond Tears that got us the credibility we needed with Randy. Livin the Monster life, baby!! RAWWRRRRR!! 

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