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#WTF: About this weekend ... Can I get a rundown? (@BrodyJenner, airport rendez-vous, #oscars)

Oh nerderinos, what a weekend. 

First up, lemme get a song that goes with the post. 

I just COMPLETELY ate shit running down Sunset ...

So this seems appropriate ...

 Alrite, Friday night I was crushing hardcore to get some writing did. See, our stage show is this Friday at 9:30 ::cough cough shameless plug click here to buy tickets:: and I still had to organize all of the OKC emails, and write witty responses to them. 

I haven't been going to The Berrics that much as of late (due to still being kinda spooked walking around cause of the whole brick to my head thing), so it's been a pretty big pain in the ass working from home again and then having to FORCE those creative bubbles to percolate. All of the writing that I do is pretty all over the place, and it somehow manages to work because I'm all over the place. Having structure, such as a live show, is rad - but I have to have to have to set myself up in the right environment to be able to write and pump that shit out.

I spent the afternoon googling various laptop friendly bars in LA, as I prefer to write while drinking beer (since the hops help me focus). To my great disappointment I couldn't find any that I jived with - so I decided to just head to Barneys Beanery, grab a table and set myself up. This is prolly the least laptop friendly bar in all of LA, but it's one of my favs and by at least sitting in a booth by myself I'd be safe from anyone else's beer hitting my macbook pro.

I got myself settled, and then texted a friend of mine to see if he wanted to join me. He's a SUPER big deal online, and also a crazy awesome, and successful TV writer. He was actually one of my idols writing wise, and when I finally connected to him, and he read the site (and told me what I was doing was super cool) - it set me off. I fucking FLIPPED. MY. SHIT. and really threw things into overdrive.

I haven't talked to him in a bit, but also was looking for help with the script in throwing in a few zingers. The emails are 100% real and 100% from OKCupid, but my lines, and my responses to them - I wanted to be taken up another notch this go round. 

I had texted him a few times, and he told me to meet him at this other bar up the street (not barneys) ... but I had already gotten settled and gotten into my groove and wasn't wanting to budge. 

I was definitely being a brat since he was offering help, but it's also genuinely a pain in the ass to get your stuff packed up after you've ordered some grub, beer, have your laptop out, and are already into the writing groove.

So, after a few back and forths we stopped texting and I got back to work and PUMMMPPPPEEEDDDD out that script. Holy hell!! It took for freaking ever, but I've never been more proud of anything. For reals, man - I have to go through literally HUNDREDS of OKC emails, pick out which ones will work based on the actors that we have, what ones will go best with what responses ... having a live show is not an easy thing - that is for SURE! It's totally a labor of love. 

Then, after only dropping $11 on two beers and chicken tenders (thank you happy hour), I left a tip for the server closing out at the table and walked up to the bar. 

I put my laptop away, and fortunately had it stored in a cute enough bag to be able to actually stay out for the rest of the evening and not look like the stuffy girl that brought her laptop to a bar. 

I walked up sitting at the only available stool in the bar ordering another allagash, and copped a squat pretending to watch whatever game was on. 

<tangent> I'm 100% over my social anxiety now of being at bars, and very honestly just don't give a fuck anymore. I've cracked my shell, gotten over the "omg everyone is staring at me" mentality and now can sit at a bar by myself with total ease. (w2g for progress!) </tangent>

A few minutes into sitting at the bar, I started to hear some really funny overheards from the dude two stools down. 

His first one referenced Mr. Miyagi - and ANYTIME someone mentions The Karate Kid my interest will immediately peak as I prepare in silence going over the steps for The Crane. 


He then kept talking and talking, and the guy was seriously effed up. I then turned my head over enough to fully see who it was and I started freaking out. 

OMG OMG OMG ... I thought ... I freaking KNOW this guy. He's a super famous comedian!! Like has been in movies, all over Comedy Central ... what the FUCK is his name?!?! 

I then start tweeting out my findings, and all of the epic overheards from him. 


I really didn't know how to handle everything that I was hearing - hahahahaha but I laughed to myself and just kept tweeting away. 

Then, a few moments later - the guy who was sitting immediately to my right got up, and another guy sat down next to him. 

He made very direct eye contact with me as he sat down and smiled. 

Oh hello, I thought thinking he was kinda cute ... this is going to be fun. 

Then I turn and see he had another friend with him (cuteness times TWO!). 

I stare at his friend for a moment and quickly realize ... HOLY SHIT! That's freaking Brody Jenner. 

He was wearing a hat, but he has such commercially attractive features that it was INCREDIBLY obvious who he was. 

He then struck up a conversation with the comedian. I wasn't sure if they were there together but clearly they knew each other. 


I then get a text - it is from my super big deal online/ writer friend.

He asks, is XXX there?? 

???? I write back, not knowing whatever nickname he was using. 

He then wrote me back with the dude's full name, I popped on google, and BOOM! He guessed exactly who it was!! 

WTH, I texted back? What a crazy small world!! 

Yah, he texts back. I just sent him a text. 

The comedian then got a notification on his phone, and looks up - directly at me and screams ... I'M NOT JIM CARREY!! OR CARROT TOP'S FATHER. 

I start laughing ... of freaking COURSE the friend that I texted earlier in the evening WOULD see my tweets and know the name of the random comedian that I didn't know the name of sitting two stools over next to me at the bar. 

LA is the SMALLEST big town ever. Everyone knows everyone, and we travel in circles. It totes makes sense that they'd be friends ... but I didn't know. 

<tangent> I didn't want to tweet out the name of the dude, nor even post it here. That's his thing, apparently he goes there a lot, and it's not my style to call out shiznat like that. Brody Jenner I will fucking call out. This dude, no way. Respect. </tangent> 

So, that happened. 

Then, earlier in the day I had gotten a call from my mom saying she was in Maryland (to meet with some peeps) and at the airport met these cute guys and told them all about TNTML. 

Shameless promotion runs in my family, clearly. These dudes were heading to LA, so my mom told them that they should hit me up on twitter. 

They did ...

... and a few hours later they met me at Barneys where we all grabbed a beer. 

Really, really, really great guys. One of them is a pretty popular DJ in Maryland, and I'm actually listening to his stuff now and I'm not mad at it. 


So, that happened too. They were both super cute but hella young. We closed down Barneys and then I peaced in the middle east back home happy though that I had the script locked and loaded ... so, mission accomplished. 

THEEENNNNN ... on Saturday, I got one of the greatest things ever. Nerds, meet my soul mate ... 


He doesn't have a name yet, but something along the lines of Captain McAwesome Pants seems to work. 

For as digital as I am, when it comes to formulating ideas and organizing my schedule - I will always. always. always. be pen to paper. 

I normally have a planner, production notebook, and then folders to organize my projects ... but this bad boy is all that in one and will cost you less than $15. 

It's like, hello Heaven? Did you lose an angel? 

It's FREAKING PERFECT giving me oodles of room to write all my shiznat out, and keep me organized. Running a business isn't easy, but you HAVE TOOOOOOOO have a structured way of scheduling otherwise you end up double booking, and frankly just losing your shit. Keep cool, stay on track, keep it together. 

This blessed little piece of awesome is going to do that for me. 


Then on Sunday, I did a short film with my buddy @jburst where I starred as a Zooey Deschanel doppelganger. I don't want to talk about it until it is finished, but it is HILARIOUS. Josh is a great writer. 

All of the filming was fine and dandy, but when I was on my way to set on Sunday, I was walking down the street and kept noticing all of these people looking at me. 

Now, people normally look at me because the whole jet black hair thing with freckles is gnarly to a lot of people ... but this was that times 1,000. I wondered if it was because I had done my makeup like Zooey if maybe people thought I was her. (Since I genuinely get ALL the time her, and Katy Perry.) 

I laughed to myself thinking, good job Friel, you must look like her if people are staring this much!

Then, after about a half mile walk, I got to the bus stop and as I was running to catch the bus two guys stop me. 

Excuse me, miss - but your skirt is up in the back. 

YEP! People weren't staring at me because I looked like Zooey ... oh no, it was because my fucking ass was on full display. 


At least at that point I knew my day could only go up from there, and I was genuinely incredibly grateful for those dudes for stopping me. 

Hilarious, but good karma because I know if I saw someone in that same situation I would have done the same thing. 

So, there you go! That was my weekend in a nutshell. I am now hanging out near Hollywood and Highland after picking up my super duper fancy pants Oscars Red Carpet badge. 

Apparently I'm not allowed to take a picture of the whole thing ... but you can see part of it ... 


It's pretty fancy pants. I have this thing for the week, and then the night of the show I'll be over on the red carpet at the Night of 100 Stars Party covering it for my buddy Zennie and his blog, followed by going to the after party for The Artist. 

I'm stoked because if they actually win the champagne will be flowing EXXTTTTRAAAA nicely, which is great because my flight to NYC on Monday isn't until the afternoon - so I totes have the morning to recover. ::mwahaha:: 

Anywho, the pass allows me all over the red carpet area. Here's what's going on today behind the scenes ... 


Not much yet, but that will change VERY soon!!

Also hilarious that as I was walking into the gated off area today, I saw my #140 conference buddy Karlos. City of 8 million - can't go anywhere without bumping into peeps. 

Yay life!

I'm also super stoked because my parents are coming out from Florida for this Friday's live show, so I'm also going to get them into some cool Oscar shiznat. So freaking grateful for this opportunity! BAH! 

Good stuff all around, nerds. Hope everyone else had a freaking awesome weekend, and keep on keeping on!! 


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