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#YayLife: Yesterday I met @pameladanderson, here's how it happened! 

OOOOHHHH life, you are so fabulously random. Alrite, so first up lemme get a song to go with the post. 

Wow, something to capture Pam Anderson ... is that possible? 

Technically speaking she's Canadian, and when I listen to this song I actually think of Heather Graham ... but I'm just going to go with it cause the beat is hot. 

So, on Wednesday I was running around Venice meeting with a bunch of tech companies hoping that one of which will take us on board and help me launch this site properly. I've been bootstrapping for two and a half years, and I'm not mad at it since we're generating a profit now, but we currently have over 70 writers and everyday I have a TON of stuff to do in writing this blessed little thing, so bottom line - I'd like some freaking help. 

As I was leaving one of my last meetings for the day before heading to a panel I got an email request that looked like a press release. 

I. Fucking. Hate. Press. Releases. 

Anyone that runs a site or has a platform of any kind gets literally HUNDREDS of the most idiotic, and bullshit emails all starting with "HI!!! ::insert name here:: I have a SUPER new and exciting product/ project I want to tell you about and I think your readers would LOVE to hear!!" 

Best part is, sometimes they don't even forget to insert the actual name. 


At first, I paid no attention to the email ... but then when another one came in while I was waiting for the city bus I actually read the subject line and saw this ... 


I see a lot of shit come through my inbox, but seeing Pam's name was DEFINITELY a first. I clicked the link and this is what the press release said ... 


Wait, did I just REALLY receive an email inviting me to a press conference with Pam Anderson?? 

Like ... THHHHEEEE Pam Anderson, my generation's Marilyn Monroe?? 


I immediately call my dad (who is obviously a big fan of her). 


Dad: Who, daughter? 


Dad: Daughter, why are you meeting Pam Anderson? 

Me: She has a new website or something launching, and I guess they wanted the social media kids to talk about it. 

Dad: I don't want to know about you being involved with Pam Anderson and anything online, daughter. 

Me: Dad! This is like the greatest thing ever!! 

Dad: Keep your clothing on. 

I then told my parents I'd talk to them tomorrow letting them know how it goes - but my brain was immediately jumping all over the place wondering who I should bring with me to the conference? 

See, I'm normally more comfortable being a lone wolf, but with someone like Pam I HAAADDDDD to have someone to share the excitement with. 

My dad and brother obviously couldn't make it out in time since they both live on the east coast - so I hit up my buddy @mc_lars (nerdcore rapper, and all around badass) and asked if he wanted to come with. 

Obviously, he was all up on it - but also genuinely curious how I got invited to the event. 

My response was simple, I have no idea - but I'm going with it. 

The next morning I met up with Lars who then drove us to the press conference which happened to be right down the street. 

As we were pulling up I saw the E! news truck and a few other super fancy pants looking media people. 

Um, I don't think this is going to be a normal "social media" thing, I confessed to Lars. This looks pretty damn legit. 

I then started livetweeting my experiences cautious though about not checking in on Foursquare revealing Pam's location. 

Lars and I then checked in with the front desk, who then told us to go up to the 4th floor. 

We got there, and MAANNNNNNN was it a small press conference area packed with a LOT of photographers ... 


While all these peeps were armed with their very fancy pants looking cameras, I simply had my iPhone, flip, and macbook pro. 

I clearly knew all of these media outlets were a big deal, I was just surprised to not see more people like me rocking high tops and armed with a cardigan and tech toys. 

All that aside, I just decided to go with it. Lars and I were laughing at how ridiculous all of this was, and I just kept saying - I'm just going to keep going with everything. This is yet another cool life experience, I've clearly never been to anything like this before. 

He then asks what the press conference is even about. 

I pull up my iPhone and show him

It's kinda like craigslist, I say - but with Pam Anderson. 

We then notice that the site didn't have an app nor an optimized web view. 

Weird, we both thought. 

Lars and I kept talking, shooting the shit and eating as much of the free muffins and scones they had around. 


We were then informed that Ms. Anderson would be arriving shortly, so all of the photographers took their place up front. 

Sounds okay, right? 


See, the place was ITTY BITTY and you had about 20 news outlets FIGHTING for a little bit of space to get the shot that they needed. 

Dudes, these pics sell for THOUSANDS of dollars, so this is a REALLY big get for them, and obviously, all part of their job. 

Reuters was yelling at Wireimage, who was yelling at the NY Times, and I just stood there over to the right laughing. I didn't need to be in the clusterfuck, I just needed to take pics of Pam to prove that this entire experience happened, and the rest would just have to play itself out. (PICS OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN!!) 

Then, two of the photographers next to me started talking about YouTube and just how much YouTubers make. 

Those stupid videos make those kids tens of thousands of dollars. 

More than that! I pipe up!! And it depends if they're signed with Maker Studios, BigFrame, or Machinima - with them, you're talking about million dollar channels. (FTR, we just signed a deal with Maker Studios)

They all three shoot me this look like, who the fuck are you? 

The guy from wireimage then says, who are you with? 

Oh, myself, I reply. I'm Jen Friel and I run Talk Nerdy To Me, Lover. We talk about nerds, sex, and tech. 

Reuters chimes in - I know you! I knew you looked familiar. 

All of the photographers and journalists start turning around at that point as the wireimage dude and I keep talking. 

I went out on over 103 dates in 9 months while I was couch surfing for a year, and just live my life and get corporate sponsors to pay for it; I gave up everything I owned in May 2010 and just began bartering social media to live for a year and built a business off of it. 

EVERYONE at that point turns around. 

You did ... WHAT?!?! 

Yeah! I cheerfully reply back. I'm here today to just have this experience and talk about it. I'm a lifecaster ... this is my jam! 

Reuters then pipes up asking about the 103 dates. 

There were 103 dates, 11 second dates, 6 guys I slept with, and 4 that I wanted more from. 

The guys then start to crowd around me. 

You're fucking nuts, said one photographer. 

Oh, I know! I'm just fascinated about breaking things down and solving for why experiences are the way that they are. Out of the 103 I found the only 4 that were emotionally unavailable. What did that say about me? 

Wireimage speaks up, but you slept with 6! 

Yeah, I reply, I was just really horny the other two times. 

The crowd laughs - and everyone starts asking me for cards. 

Wireimage pulls me aside, you have something very pure in your eyes. I can't wait to see you in 3-5 years. It's your energy ... you've got something. 

Thanks! I reply back smiling at Lars saying, I'm just doing what I love. I love love love writing and am all about embracing the weird and random in life. 

You can tell you love what you do, says wireimage. Keep doing it! 

This is like the greatest day ever and Pam isn't even here yet!!! I thought 

The photographers then kept asking me a series of questions up until Pam arrived. For about 20 minutes I told them all about what I do, and my findings, even mentioning that one of the 103 dates was female. 

They were all intrigued, and I was excited to get to talk about my passion. 

The press conference moderator then announces that Pam has arrived, and all the photographers took their place. 

We were instructed not to shoot her as she walked in, but the moment she entered the patio, the energy in the room changed. 

I look back, staring at her walking in ... and you could FEEEELLLLLL that you were in the presence of a superstar. She is absolutely STUNNING, and she has this ... draw to her. This very physical thing that says, yes, you are in the presence of a superstar.

Absolutely captivating. 

She then stands up at the table and started posing for pictures. I hung back a bit letting the pros work their magic ... but I still got some good shots with my iPhone ... 


There's just something freaking about her!! This intangible - she's SUCH a pro, and can pose her ASS off!! 

Well done, Pam ... well done! 

We then all sat down, and the questions began. From NY Times, to Rolling Stone, I couldn't believe that I was the only not super duper mainstream outlet. Not that I was complaining, but it was totally a dream come true for me to even have this freaking opportunity. 

One of the photographers then asked me if I was going to ask a question. 


Remembering though that mantra that "life begins when you are outside your comfort zone" - I recognized that this was a great opportunity to jump out of my shell, and do something cool. 

I patiently waited my turn. 

The moderator sees me raise my hand, and then says, you - NEXT! 

I was so anxious at the thought of asking a question that I pull up iMessage and type the words out as to not trip over myself. 

I've got the perfect question I thought. Most people had been asking Pam about really fluffy celeb shit - I was genuinely curious about the platform since I thought it looked a bit rubbishey ... but thought that if they had an app they could target some cool location based opportunities. 

I then see the press moderator point to me, my hands shake as I hold the iPhone ... here's my question ... 

Pam laughed when she heard the name of the site. THAT FREAKING MADE MY LIFE!!! 

The guy's response was hard to hear, but he basically used a bunch of fancy pants PR sounding words to say that yes, they were going to get one - but they wanted to see how users were actually taking to their product first. 

Does he not know on a UGC site that that shit doesn't work? Everything online is engineering to a certain capacity. Yelp, and other big UGC sites when they started hired people to fill out their reviews and stuff to pave the way for others to follow suit. I checked out this dude's site, and didn't see a lot of ads up ... that's no bueno. 

Jen + Pam = togetha foreva Either way, I couldn't believe I just GOT TO ASK A QUESTION TO PAM ANDERSON!!! AND SHE KNOWS THE NAME OF MY WEBSITE!!! 

I totally geeked out for a moment, looking back smiling at Lars and noticing - holy crap! He actually filmed my question on his iPhone!! 


The conference then ends a few minutes later. I say goodbye to all my new friends, and Reuters replied, oh, we'll be seeing more of you.

::excellent:: I thought. This is my freaking JAM! Just give me a random experience ... and I am DOOWWNN!! 

The press moderator stops me as I'm walking out the door with Lars - well done, nerdy girl. Great question! 

Thank you! I reply smiling back to Lars freaking out that DUDE! we just saw Pam Anderson and I totally checked out her ass as she was leaving. 

Lars laughed saying, yeah, I talked to her as she was walking out too. Such a sweet woman. 


We then both went out separate ways for a bit, and then met up again for dinner with him and his roommate. Lars offered to cook, so we hung out back at his pad and after dinner, as we were cleaning up the dishes, we started rapping to Salt and Peppa's None of Your Business. 

Dude, I'm rapping in a kitchen with a super famous nerd core rapper!! How cool is this??

He then pulled the song up on YouTube and we started dancing around the room. 

If this was a romantic comedy we'd be listening to Shania Twain and singing into spoons, I said. 

I'm so glad it's this and not that. 

Lars agreed as we both said in unison, this has officially been the best day ever. 

ANNNNNNNNDDDDD that was my Thursday.

Good job, life!


Thanks so much Andrew for that AWESOME vid!!! xoxoxxoxoxo


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Reader Comments (2)

LOVE IT!! Awesome Post, and totally awesome random day, my favorite!!!!

(I had the honor of interesting Pam on-stage for a charity event I hosted in 2006
: :

I have a tiny clip of it in my host demo reel also, of me introducing her on-stage.

Soooo I know what you mean... she's awesome!

And SO are you! :)

March 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLeah


Great, funny and poignant article!

Just to clarify we are adding a location based system soon. It should be released with in the next month. We are also creating a mobile website version of the site that should also be coming soon. While our site might seem similar to Craigslist we have some key diffrences that set us apart. For one our site is completely free in all categories. Craigslist charges for jobs and other categories. Two, we allow our users to comment on the Ads. If you see something that is not as advertised or could be a scam, simply comment on the post and warn other users. Finally we allow users to embed Video code into their ads to show their product in a more interactive manner.

Thanks for writing about your experince!!

March 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterOmar AlBadri

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