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#DodgeDartDrive: My response to @jalopnik

click the image to read the articleSo, a few hours ago - my buddy over at the popular car blog Jalopnik gave me a heads up that a story about me was about to go live. (Pretty decent of him actually) 

The story then goes live at 4:30 EST and it made no sense. First off, they included a video of me from 2007 that was part of the story of my first adult relationship. (You can read more about that here) Why THAT video? Why not any talking about my involvement in the Ford Fiesta Movement?

I do NOOOOOTTTT hide the fact that I know NOTHING about cars. In fact, when I was interviewed for being part of the Fiesta Movement, I made that fact ABUNDANTLY clear saying, I've gone out on two dates from guys that I met in traffic, but other than that - I can't tell you a damn thing about cars.

HOWEVER, I sell a lifestyle. This brand is based on weird and random adventures that I as a people magnet will always always always attract. Dudes, I haven't even driven a car in almost 500 days (I have 5 parking tickets and my car is in a garage right now), but my next big piece is going to be on surviving 500 days of public transportation in Los Angeles (something people say could never be done).

This shit is my jam.

I write like I talk - and I had an AMAZING day today driving the Dodge Dart with my buddy over at

At one point I was driving on the wrong side of the road - in addition to forgetting how to drive a stick and having a super scary dude with a clipboard watch me stall the thing like no other.

It's hilarious, and totally in my way, yet another adventure had. You can read more about what I do here, and here's a fancy schmancy video that might explain my story more ... 


As far as my write up of the Dodge Dart goes, you can catch it when it goes live tomorrow at 12pm EST.

Peace love and lollipops all! Thanks for the write up!


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It's this post that made me REALLY glad I decided not to date you...

May 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDoinFine

decided not to date me? what makes you think it was up to you babydoll? #ohschnaps

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