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#Adventures in Randomness and Rock & Roll w @leah_cevoli 

<editorsnote> Nerds, meet my buddy Leah. She's pretty rad and has an INCREDIBLY random life. Like, no - for reals ... did you know she has an obsession with vampires, psychics, and tarot card readers ... and she had more sex as a teenager than in her 30s ... anddddd she even had two ex boyfriends die violently - one from a heroin overdose, and the other was murdered. Holy moly roli poli oli - that shit be cray cray. Either way, she's now here to write about her life, love, and all things nerd. I only have one more thing left to say ... HIT IT LEAH!! </editorsnote>

#TalkNerdyToMeLover's @Leah_Cevoli

Comic Con in one word was AMAZING.

This was my fourth year attending the International San Diego Comic Con; arguably the largest gathering of geeks, nerds, dorks, and creative, talented, passionate people in the universe.

This year held a lot of SDCC firsts for me!

MY FIRST SDCC SIGNING/APPEARANCE: For this I have to give a big shout-out to Jonathon London at GeekScape. Jonathon emailed me a few days before con and invited me to bring my fellow Co-Stars from the soon to be epic-fantasy series, Legendary to a signing at his booth. After discussing it, Jonathon and I thought it would be fun to invite the whole Geek Girls Create team.

The signing was a lot of fun, and an absolute great way to start off SDCC2012. The best part about a signing/appearance, is the young girls. And I don’t mean that in a creepy way, I mean the young girls that come up to the table and share a piece of their soul with you. Their eyes light up, and you can see the energy flow of inspiration travelling thru them, as they connect with you, someone who inspires them. If I have one mission in this lifetime, it is to uplift and inspire through my stories and life adventures. And that’s one of the things Geek Girls Create allows me to do.

My first SDCC Panel:

For this I have to thank the amazing Katrina Hill.Our GGC panel was not accepted this year, but Katrina worked her magic and invited TEN amazing women onto her panel, “The Most Dangerous Women of Comic Con”. Katrina wanted to spotlight the movers and shakers in this industry, those of us who are outspoken, proactive, and positive… she organized a great group, and special shout out to our panel moderator Bonnie Burton who someone made time-stop and allowed all 10 of us ample talk time.

I was nervous, not gonna lie.2000 people in the room, on a panel where half the girls I know and the other half are mere twitter legends. But it went off without a hitch, and I found a new Karoake Pal in Clare Kramer, and a fellow Philly girl in Milynn Sarley.

I like making people laugh during panels, and ooh, and ahh… You have to be quick on your feet with a coherent answer, and if at all possible a joke. I like it. I like panels. A lot.

My first Film Project at SDCC:

I’ve recently become the Social Media Manager for an epic science fiction series of feature films, Space Command. For Comic Con, I was hired as Social Media Manager, and a liaison for all things SDCC. Signings/Appearances/Meetings/Street Teams/Parties. 

And as such, after my awesome (all about Leah), Thursday ended. The rest of Comic Con was spent working with and for Space Command.

It felt great to be part of a working team of industry professionals, hell legends (Iain McCaig is our lead character designer.) 

Space Command is an Independent Series of Feature Films, a new Science Fiction Franchise... that is making serious strides, and I am so happy to be on-board. We welcome you to take the ride with us.

Join Us

Comic Con was filled with purpose for me. I didn’t waste time, searching the convention floor for random folks, or trying to get into the coolest parties.

I had purpose.
I had a team.
I had fans.

And I had a great group of friends by my side, who even throughout their busy schedules, ended up showing up for each other at all the right moments.

In 2008, I drove to San Diego to see the Robot Chicken panel, I had no idea what comic con was. My plan was to drive down for the panel, and drive home afterward. And instead, I tumbled down a rabbit hole. Thank you Robot Chicken for introducing me to this world of magic, mystery, and fairy tales come to life.

Comic Con 2012.. you ROCKED my world.

Thank You.

Live Love. Love Life.


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