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#JBLTakesCoachella: My swag = up for grabs! 

Hi friends! 

I'm back from Palm Springs and my very first Coachella courtesy of JBL

I got to kick it in an RV with Scoble, Chris Voss, Sam Levin, and Thomas Hawk. 

It was GREAT!!! Talk about an eclectic group of insanely, insanely smart people just having an authentic experience. No one pitched anything, no one said things "just to sound smart." We commented on the state of tech, our favorite apps & products, and the rest was groovy, man. 

While we were there, we were all hooked up with this INNSSAAANNNEEEE swag bag courtesy of JBL, Seagate, and GoPro. Instead of keeping all the goodies for myself, I thought it would be better to repay back some karma and give it to you guys. 

Due to the INCREDIBLE amount of comments received though (totally badass btw, and I'm going to see if any of these brands want to chip in some more), I decided to turn the give away into a contest. Instead of giving it to the "saddest" story though (aka my sister has cancer and I want to film blah blah blah. Super sorry she has cancer, but we're all going to die. How about we make a conscious effort though to REALLY START TO LIVE!!!), I am going to celebrate passion and find a compelling story truly "worthy" of the prizes. 

<tangent> I'm FASCINATED right now with this concept of value. I'm going to break it down in the formal announcement, but it's really rad how these products to the companies have very little cost -put in the right hands though, they can be LIFE CHANGING!!! More on that in a bit ... </tangent> 

So take a look at what will be up for grabs below. Get ready to show me whatchoo got, nerderinos!!!! 

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Reader Comments (3)

So to be upfront, totally want the GoPro. Been wanting to upgrade, because the new one captures video at a much higher frame rate at high resolution than my current one does. Among a few other neat features. My current GoPro is fine, and an amazing piece of equipment, just haven't been able to get the new one due to cost right now. However, if you did choose me to get it, I'd absolutely pay my existing one (which is basically in perfect condition because [a] I take care of my toys, and [b] they're just so damn rugged.) forward to someone in need of one, including all mounts/cases and even a memory card to get em started.


April 16, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRockNRollGeek

I am really wanting a goPro for my drumming kiddo. Imagine video of him drumming like he does on this YouTube video but with the awesome POV of the goPro!

April 17, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBridget Ziegler

indeed, GoPro is such a fantastic camera with so many uses, who wouldn't want one? On that note, I desperately want one just because I'm into video creation and am currently working on a series of claymation shorts which I'll be putting on youtube. This would be handy for that. Actually, if I win I'll make a claymation video featuring Jen :) haha if you give it to RockNRollGeek, well he can give me his old gear because mine is garbage ;) lol <3

April 17, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPaulF

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