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Geek is the new black

It's the glasses isn't it? Is that what makes nerdy chicks so hot? This video is ridiculous ... ridiculously AWESOME! *HA*

"I'll still be a Geek when nobody thinks it's Chic aka Nerd Anthem" by Marian Call.


"On the phone with this fat chick... where my IHOP." Facebook Status Provides Alibi

So this is why we should all invest in mobile devices and enable Facebook and or Twitter?

A 19-year-old in Brooklyn was saved by social media after he was picked out of a police line up, accused of mugging two men at gunpoint.

Here's the article ... it's utterly amazing.


A Hoi Hoi

... and she's back. Sorry guys, life is wonderfully random when you are a freelancer. I can't complain that work is keeping me busy.

Just wanted to take a minute to ask for everyone to say a prayer for my friend's dad. He was hands down one of the coolest people I met at the #140Conf a few weeks back; just a genuinely kind human being. I don't know why things like this happen, and why people are taken from us so suddenly.

There is no making sense of something like this.

Check out @Ohdoctah
and here's a show he had done with his dad just before his passing.

In loving memory of @Poppa_Doc


And now, a word from Sheldon

Sheldon: So? How was your date?
Leonard: Awesome!
Sheldon: Score one for liquor and poor judgment.

Educate yourself.


One of the best videos I've come across ...

You know when you get so excited that you found $20 in your pocket when you do the laundry?
This video makes me feel like that ... haha, I especially love from 1:40 on ...

Don't miss from 4:28 either!!

Happy #MusicMonday kiddies!