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Pick Up Line O' el Dia

If my right leg was Christmas and my left was Easter, would you like to spend some time between the holidays?


Riding the Wave

Just got my Google Wave beta invite!
Wahoo!! Here is a glimpse of the excitement:

*crickets* *crickets*

Yeah, I'm playing around with it. Give me 15 minutes and I'll tell you how to run it!


Hot Nerd of the Micro Nano: Tina Fey


How can someone really be an internet expert?

Had a great lunch today with a fellow SEO (search engine optimizer)- and it got me thinking, how can anyone ever really be an "internet guru?" If I am ever away from the internet for an afternoon, I feel like I know absolutely nothing. No really, NOTHING.

In this job, there are always new things to learn, new techniques, new sites, new measurement features ... it never ends! How can anyone really be an expert?

Just because something worked well for one client doesn't mean it may translate to your next. The shelf life of anything online is comparable to those greasy noodles from a Chinese restaurant. When you leave it out on a napkin overnight, it disintegrates into it's own goo. (Try it! Now imagine what it's doing to your body.)

I would be afraid of an SEO that touts they can guarantee placement, and says they are the greatest SEO out there. Confidence is a wonderful thing, but when your job is to keep your clients as relevant as possible, check your ego at the door and let the teacher be the student.


Droid Day is Almost Here!

Are you as excited as I am about the Droid?
GREAT! The marketing team did their job.
Do you know any of the specs on the phone that you're about to plop down $199 for (after the mail-in-rebate)?
No? Fabulous!

Well, here is some info on the Droid. The non-iPhone that has spent more money saying what it doesn't do versus what it does. Hey, it's pretty genius if you think about it. Consumers dig the whole comfort level thing. We all have the product recognition of the iPhone, so why not attack the device that everyone is already talking about?

Don't get me wrong, if the iPhone had been on Verizon, I would have had a big glass of that Kool-aid when it was first released. However, Apple either did not believe just how unbelievably loyal people are to Verizon - or they just didn't care! They were enjoying their absurd share of the profits.

I definitely dig that the Droid does not have a touch screen. After the disaster aka the LG Voyager's touch screen died on me, it's been truly a delight having to flip open my phone for full function. It's like having just what you need out of reach at every moment in life. Yay!

I'm curious to see about their app selection, as it is obviously not done with iTunes. From a programming standpoint too, I am curious as far as their general feel - if someone from Verizon is reading this and wants to send me a free Droid, I will gladly review it!!

Click here for some of the specs.

Mashable also did a great comparison chart - click here.

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