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#Adventures in Adventuring: Bye Bye LA, Hello NYC!!

Hi friends, 

By the time you all read this, I shall be on a flight to NYC. See, I'm spending the week with this SUPER rad startup, (that I'm hoping I can announce to you all tomorrow). It's SO FREAKING DISRUPTIVE and shit like that just makes my heart SOOOAAARRR. I adore freaking people out, and watching their eyes bug out when they start to see something in a different way. This startup is just that - it's like yelp for people; a relationship and dating review site. 

Guys have been reviewing me, and I even had one talk about what it was like to bone ... that was gnarly to read, and again, I should be able to screen shot and show you all tomorrow. 

I preach transparency, so I have ZERO shame in not only being involved with these people, but promoting people to review me as well. So freaking rad!!!!! 

Anywho ... I'll have the rundown of the weekend in a bit. It was SO amazing to get to see my parents this weekend, and then to get to take them down on the red carpet for the Oscars. I had the time of my life yesterday.

OH!!! And thank you all for the comments, and tweets ... here is my dress ... 


It's on loan from Donna Mizani ... but check out the back on this thing!! 

It's so awkward btw taking a picture of your own bum ... but I have a small waist with hips and an ass for DAYS - so the fact that this dress was cut SO FLATTERING seriously made my life. 

Also, dresses should be fitted with QR codes. For reals, I kept getting stopped and it's not like people are going to remember who I'm wearing, but if they could scan it with their phone and then boom have the option to either buy or put on hold in some capacity ... that'd totally be rad. 

Food for thought for models and actors - they have this platform so why not sell a few dresses while posing for pics. 

Off I go to NY. I'm staying in a super fancy pants hotel, and am even having a car pick me up at the airport so I don't get lost on the bus. I'm totally going hardcore dorkage on the driver and am going to take a picture of him holding the "Friel" sign. 

Oh yeah ... I am that girl ... and I am freaking OWNING IT!!! 



#Adventures in Adventuring: I can haz Oscars/ stage show/ NYC/ and Austin 

Ello all ... 

First up, there is going to be an EPIC rundown tomorrow of this past weekend. Haha, last night was freaking NUTS! I got juicy after seeing Brody Jenner, hung out with some gamers, bumped into the dude that just broke my roomie's heart (and I proceeded to give him a piece of my mind), then met up with these dudes that my mom met at the airport that same day in Maryland (they were boarding a flight to los angeles, and my mom shamelessly promoted the site and told them to find me ... they did) ... and TOMORROW I am going to be filming this hilarious short film where I play a Zooey Deschanel doppelganger. 

What a great weekend ... 

Either way, next week starts the Oscars festivities. It's gnarly, I'm covering shiznat for my buddy Zennie. 

I get a pass to go to all the behind the scenes/ set up stuff (like I covered last year). It's pretty cool, and definitely not something everyone gets to experience in LA since it's all roped off and what not. I'm stoked to get to play around and SO stoked to take you all along on the journey. 

Thennnnn ... on Friday, we have our stage show.

Main page of Ustream from last year. Thanks again, Mike! And then on Sunday I will be on the red carpet for the Night of 100 Stars official Oscar Viewing Party at the Beverly Hills Hotel, followed by going to the after party for The Artist. 

Fingers crossed they win so the champagne flows a bit more. 

TTHHHEENNNNNNN ... on Monday afternoon I head to NYC for the week ... take a breather for a few days, then get back on a plane and head over to Austin for SXSW. (I'll be in Austin from the 8-13th.) I can tell you all more about it after they've confirmed my flight, but it's REALLY cool and invaluable exposure. Dudes, peeps are going to have to find me and tell me a secret phrase to win a prize. 

How amazing is that?!?! 

It's with a great company too, and I'm honored to have been chosen. 

So, we've got loads of cool shit coming up, and loads of access to some super fancy pants things. (SO glad I just got my fancy pants back from the dry cleaners!! WHEW! Close call)

Stay tuned. Or not ... cause I mean I'd totally understand if you didn't want to and all since I'm SURE you have other BETTER things to do ... ::cries::



NYC ... Feb 27th-March 1st

Austin ... March 8th-13th. 

Live in either of those cities and wanna kick it - totes hit me up on the twitter: @JenFriel


#Adventures in Adventuring: I'm headed to NYC, trick! 

Wahoo!! Just got my flight and hotel info confirmed (yes, hotel - not hostel) ... and looks like I'll be in NYC on the 27th of Feb til March 1st.


See, I'm working with this super duper rad startup that is doing some CRAAZZYYYY shit that I don't think ... I KNOW will cause a lot of hub bub in the online community. 

It's basically a website where you can go and review your friends/ dates. Think of it as yelp, but for people - and kinda like what your Facebook or OkCupid page would look like if your friends or last girlfriend made it for you. 

It's friggen GENIUS what they are doing, and the guys behind it are TOTAL hustlers and are getting it done. 

I can't WAIT to tell you all more about it, and I can't WAIT to spend the week with them. 

Plus, they're paying and dudes, I'm going to be sleeping in a KINNGGG SIIZZZEEE BEEEEEDDDDD in some fancy pants upgrade literally in the heart of Times Square.

The view is going to be redic, and you know what a girl like me is going to do with a king size bed ... 




Obvi this is a work trip for me, but I'll absolutely be checking in on Foursquare places that I go, and will definitely make time for anyone that lives in the city and wants to kick it. 

So much freaking love, nerderinos. Keep on hustling! 


Oh yeah, and have we dated? And would YOU like to review me? Check this out!! 


#Adventures in Adventuring: Next week I'm going to court!

So, I just got off the phone with the detective in my assault case, and I have been invited to go to court on the 14th to face the duderino.

UGGHHH!! That is like the scariest thing ever. I've done a TON of online sleuthing (even finding out that he is being held on a 1.075 million dollar bail) ...


This whole thing is shitty. There's nothing not shitty about it, and all I can do to stay sane is just document away what I am experiencing.

At my current state I am just terribly sad that I have to deal with this. In 27 years on this Earth I have never had a Valentine and to now have a date on THAT DATE is just fucked up, man. (This is a serious low blow universe ... just letting you know ... this one stings a little.)

It'll for sure tell a great story one day as it's already telling quite the epic adventure ... but I'm just sad.

Sad that this has become of my Valentines day. Sad that I still have 4 staples in my head that I tried to remove myself but had epic levels of non-success in doing so. Sad that this whole thing even happened.


So weird.

BUT! I am excited I will finally see what this guy looks like, and I swear to GOOODDD you are going to have to hold me back from screaming at the fucking piece of shit.

No worries though, I'll bring my flipcam and I plan on filming as much of everything that I can.

The detective today asked me what I would recommend the judge do to him, and I said I had no idea the "reasonable" amount of time given to someone for an assault like this, but for them to really consider the emotional toll this took on me. I not only lost approximately a week's worth of work, but it took EVERY BIT OF EVERYTHING inside of me to be able to even walk outside alone again. It wasn't like this was a provoked attack, he came up from behind me with ZERO warning and assaulted me. How do you ever emotionally get over something so unwarranted? To top it off I wasn't even robbed or raped, just left with four staples in my head and a concussion.

Completely random ... absolutely no motive ... I am still completely spooked.

Fuck you you motherfucker. I will be at EVERY court date for this thing, and you're going DOWN!!!


Scuse please, but now I have to cry .... BAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



#Adventures in Adventuring: I'm going to court, bitch! 

Guess what I got in the mail today nerderinos ... a nerdy little love note from the City of Los Angeles regarding my attack last week on Sunset Blvd. 

You know ... the one where the fucker left me looking like this ... 



Either way ... this is what they sent me ... 

Looks like I'm going to court now, beyotch. 

I gotta admit I do feel better at least knowing this guy's name now. My dad is a corporate lawyer and has access to some pretty gnarly shit in tracking people down - so I'm hoping that he can also provide me with a picture. It's incredibly scary that I not only had no idea I was even hit (I only felt my own brain hit my skull), but obviously I have no idea what this guy looks like. It was a random attack, so I know he had no idea who I was - but this shit is scary not knowing if he got out of jail, or if he is behind me at the grocery store. 

But yeah, this feels GREAT!!! I'm still INCREDIBLY tired, but getting as much work done as I can, and I'm going to see the shaman this afternoon - oh and oh oh oh, I have a super hot date tonight. (Met that dude while I was conducting exposure therapy trying to get over the attack.) I'm definitely keeping to my normal schedule, but obviously resting at the same time. Concussions are super scary, you PHYSICALLY look okay (well, minus staples being in my head) but you're emotionally out to freaking lunch! 

Again, I would not wish this on my worst enemy. 

One bite of the elephant at a time though - and it looks like I will be giving you all step by step detail of what this experience will be like. Ain't lifecasting grand?? 

Whoop whoop! 

Now excuse please, but I have some googling to do ... 



here's the post on what happened

and here's a video I did just hours after the attack. I utilized social media to help me stay conscious and to also test how "with it" I actually was.