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<editorsnote> Hi, I'm Jen Friel, and we here at TNTML examine the lives of nerds outside of the basements and into the social media, and dating world.  We have over 75 peeps that write about their life in real time. (Real nerds, real time, real deal.) Sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the stories!! </editorsnote>



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#Deadline Official: We got bought, yo! 


Technically, first optioned by Jerry Bruckheimer (whom I temped for as my very first job in LA), and then CBS as of Friday.

Funny Story, CAA and I go back. I was supposed to be the transcriptionist for the President Richard Lovett, turned it down because I liked to listen to music, and still wound up meeting the girl I was intended to replace all because I had a crush on Viper from Full House (whom I stalked on Myspace). Now all these years later, I have a lit & unscripted agent, and honestly still have no idea what I am doing. 

What a fucking ride, man. 

Where are my manners. Hi - I'm @JenFriel. 

I really really really love the internet, and I am having an awesome day today. 

I @reply back & if you'd like to connect here is my...  

Twitter: @JenFriel 


Insta: @TalkNerdyToMeLover 

I'm also RABID about hearing cool ideas in tech. Please, email me: JenFriel at TalkNerdyToMeLover dot com. 

Current musings/ writing can be found yonder: 

Thanks for all the support over the years nerderinos.

YouTube video posted tomorrow announcing another cool project.  

TAKE. YOUR. PASSION. AND. MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. This tells a cool story now, in 2009 I was a crazy girl living in a car. Get off your ass and get to work. 


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