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#TNTML Pilot N' Other Stuff Update!

SOOOOOO ... we're being made into a pilot. So fucking, bitchin man ... you can read more about the people involved here.

Well, we reached out to a showrunner this week. Er, I don't know how exactly the suits "reach out" ... is it just like a phone call? coffee shop meeting? or like an ET thing where they phone home?


He has not aged well.

But yeah, either way ... a showrunner is super super super important to a TV show, as they literally run the show.

Per Wiki: 

Showrunner (alternatively, but not commonly, show runner) is a term of art originating in the United States and Canadian television industry referring to the person who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of a television series — although such persons generally are credited as an executive producer. (This should not be confused with runners, who are the most junior members of the production team, though sometimes showrunners are referred to as 'runners' in shorthand.) The term is also occasionally applied to people in the television industries of other countries. Unlike films, where directors are typically in creative control of a production, in episodic television the showrunner usually outranks the director.

Traditionally, the executive producer of a television program was the "chief executive", responsible for the show's production. Over time, the title of executive producer became applied to a wider range of roles, from those responsible for arranging financing to an honorific without actual management duties. The term "show runner" was created to identify the producer who actually held ultimate management and creative authority for the program. The blog (and book) Crafty Screenwriting defines showrunner as "the person responsible for all creative aspects of the show, and responsible only to the network (and production company, if it's not his production company). The boss. Usually a writer."

Pretty cool. Equally cool that the person we reached out to I am a HUUUGGEEEEEEE FANNNNN OFFFF!!!! Like can I just say that right now ... in this moment ... I can totally get hit by a bus and be so effing kosher for passover its not even funny. For reals, one of my BEST friends and I say this person's lines back and forth to each other on Facebook chat - hahaha - so so so epic. Like seriously! Now you may be involved in something that I created? Say WHAAAATTT?!?!?! I'm just so unbelievably honored and humbled at the people involved with this thing. So crazy.

I think I find out more info on that next week ... I can't imagine it taking any longer, BUT you never know. It's Hollywood.

Oh and dude, totally putting the finishing touches on the Unapologetically Awesome Summer 2011 Tour!!!! I'm going to be traveling with a companion this time, and we're going literally all around the country for 2 week clips at a time. There's going to be city specific challenges in each destination as well ... ANNNDDD you guys get to get involved in some pretty cool ways. We're officially becoming official peeps!!!! Will let you all know more on that too once I finish the packaging for reaching out to sponsors.


Just keep doing cool shit man. Follow your heart. If people think you're crazy just keep going, you're doing something innovative; blow their minds. BAH! =)

So stoked to be alive, and can't wait to share more with you guys. If you ever have anything you need help with, please don't ever hesitate to reach out.

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We're #NERDSUNITE for a reason!!!





#ShitGotReal: Meet the Talk Nerdy To Me, Lover Pilot Suits!!!

So, we're being made into a pilot. Awesome right? We're like totally coming soon to a TV set near you. Well, almost. We're technically speaking still in development ... but alrite ... alrite ... alrite ... I've posted on this enough. Teased about it for MONTHS ... and you guys have waited patiently wondering who was involved ... what was going on ... yada yada yada yada ... I am happy to announce that I got the thumbs up from the execs at the meeting yesterday to OFFICIALLY announce everyone in an official TNTML announcement.

Good lord, that is a lot of official-ness to come from a very non-official human being. So um. Yeah. I'm just gonna go with it.

I very honestly don't know the legality of sorts of who does what and why ... so I am going to call the parties just "producers" to save my own face of frankly not knowing, nor do I really give a flying fuck. For reals, these peeps are totes mcgotes the cats pajamas and just the nicest peeps on the planet. I spewed my guts to them today on the future of movie marketing, and what all of this social-ness means ... and that if anyone claims that they are an expert to flat out RUNNNNNNNNNNNN ... because none of us are ... alrite, alrite, alrite, shut up Jen. Hit it already ...

In no particular order ... Nerds, I introduce you to ...

Dude, this chick is such a Betty. Wow. Wow. Wow. BEAU-TIFULLLLLLLL!! Mary Parent: You may remember Mary who was responsible for such films as ... Meet the Fockers, The Bourne Supremacy, Serenity, Role Models, and You, Me, & Dupree. Dude, this chick just ran MGM. Like for reals? Is this happening? Fucking bat shit, man. This woman is one of the most present, and down to earth people I have ever met. We had a 3 hour meeting, and she was just ... there. There are what 7 people in all of Hollywood that run a studio? She was one of them. Dude, I loved this chick. I just like wanted more. more. more. Like for real ... all bs aside, I get it, man. I get why she is so accomplished. You meet her, and it just all makes sense. BAT SHIT!!!!

Cale Boyter: You may remember Cale who was responsible for such films as ... Wedding Crashers, Elf, A History of Violence, The Butterfly Effect, Just Friends (OMMMGGGG one of my all time favs - I can't look at "All For One" the same ever. ever. ever. again), Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny, and Blade: Trinity. This guy cracks me up, dude. He describes doing social media as this like "event." It's like ... you do FACEBOOK!?!?! He gets it ... I know he gets it ... but because of who he is, and certain personal boundaries he has up, he is a bit trepidatious about the entire scenario. Dude, totally get it. Just hilarious to sit there and say, it's like the phone. It's simply a means of communication. It just honestly put in perspective for me how much people that don't use Facebook don't understand it. And he's not like a total n00b ... but if you're not on Facebook or Twitter - you just won't get it. But how can I help you understand what I am experiencing and explain it to you in the simplest terms to help you understand. Really, really, really, chill dude. I literally just kept scratching my head wondering what planet did you people come from? How are you all the people that you are, and yet you're so rad? Wait ... is this candid camera?? haha omg, I just said candid camera!! Did I date myself? Should I have said Punkd? Cause, I'm not a big fan of Ashton. He used to be cool, not really sure what happened ... but not really a fan right now. Get it together, mannnnnnnnn!!! Tangent Jen, tangent!

Life's a party. Crash it? HAHA!! Totally my mantra!! K ... and onto the Hollywood god ... aka El Senor Luke Ryan! Who, btw, I had his card in this little frame for an entire year. Seriously, Luke is like one of the nicest people on this planet ... and when we had lunch last year he just asked me point blank what they could have done on their film to have more of an impact in social media. Wait, did I even say yet what Luke has done? I apologize ... you may remember Mr. Luke Ryan from such films as ... Hot Tub Time Machine, and Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. This dude's background in this industry is nuts! He's been in a slew of positions ... but totally drinks the Buddhist kool-aid. He's just so rad, man. I said from DAY ONE, I'd love to work with you. I'm like ... I don't really know what makes sense in this scenario, but I'm digging this vibe that I'm feeling from you ... and uhhhh yeah! I want more.

These people get it. There just are no other words for it. They don't think I'm insane which is a phenomenally comforting thing ... and the rest - we'll just see. Don't get me wrong, the meeting was awesome, awesome, awesome ... but at the same time, I'm sitting here writing this going ... ummmmm let's go people. I am so fucking ready!! HA!!!! Time to get 'er done baby!!! I'm stoked!! I put my manager hat on this week, and am adding some structure to this site that we'll ALSO be announcing. I feed off of this shit man, so much going on and all I can think is that I want more!!

The official Talk Nerdy To Me, Lover screening of Hot Tub Time Machine! Had no idea this day would change the rest of my life. CRAZY!! Dude, Mary said today, I work all the time but it just doesn't feel like work to me. I'm like ummmmmmmmmm I'm in this space 17 hours a day! Can we be besties? Cause peeps think I'm a whackadoodle for working so much, but it doesn't feel like work at all to me - more like I am finally living up to my potential. AHHH!!! I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!! So excited for what's coming.

About 6 weeks until we go to the networks ... so still a little bit out. But we're meeting with our new agency CAA over the next 2 weeks. Yeah, did I mention that this site is repped by CAA? HAHAHAHA!! omg omg omg omg omg omg. Dude, my first year in LA I totally had dinner at the Ivy with Tracy Brennan from CAA. My dad's former college roommate introduced me to her cousin, and he told her I wanted to get into the "industry" and alas! dinner at the Ivy in Santa Monica we all had. It was yummy. Dudddeeeee their gimlets were just off the charts. So friggen GOOD!!! BAHHHH!!! Full circle, man. Full circle.

Just go for it. I kid you not ... I sat in that meeting today and literally just said point blank this is what's happening ... and they got it. Don't ever stop being who you are. I'm radically honest, and yeah, that cost me a lot of jobs hahahaha ... but I wouldn't change a minute of it. I am who I am, and like people will always find like people.

So. So. So. Grateful!!! Good things coming soon el nerdinos!!! =) =) =)

Thank you all so much for being in my life. I just cannot tell you all how grateful I am.




PS. My mom just called me at 4:30 am her time, after I emailed her ... she's very excited. I'm excited that she's excited. My dad and brother hear next ... but frankly, my mom just needed to hear first ;) LOVE YOU! =) AND THANK YOU!!

Email from my Dad ...


Say what you need to say ... always

Woah. Woah. Woah. First off, my apologies for these last few posts on just being strictly my adventures. I am very aware that yes, the universe does revolve around other things, and this site has more of a purpose than my lifecasting ... but a lot has been going on this week, that I can't help but share. It's my thing.

First off, I have been so stressed out this week. Like crazy stressed out, and dude, that's not my thing. I totally forgot I was supposed to be at a screening last night, I forgot my wallet which had my ID for the bar back at the house last night; I kid you not when I say those things never happen to me. Occasionally, yes I might forget something and two seconds later reach back - but other than that, no. I'm pretty zen about life, and just kinda go with the flow. I don't find anything really necessary of stress, I just figure out how to manage and deal with it. That btw, comes from a place of comfort, not desperation. To operate and do anything successfully, the one thing you cannot do is come from a place of desperation. BIG lesson learned in the last year. Big. Huge!

I had some paperwork put in front of me yesterday regarding the pilot, and life, and everything - I didn't understand it, and didn't understand why certain things were being asked of me. The actual actualness of what went down isn't really necessary for me to go into, but it provoked this elicit response of just NO! That's not my style. I was emotionally very charged up, and within reading ONE LINE of this thing, it was just no effin way. I, again, pride myself on staying pretty cool and being able to analyze a lot of things from a logical perspective and then proceed only when I feel whatever needed to be address has been addressed. I was totally in the wrong for acting that way - and it set a chain reaction that I wasn't anticipating.

I'm having a degree of difficulty understanding what exactly it is that I do. It's existentialism at its best that this is my life, my life is it, but what the fuck is it? The legal system has yet to catch up with technology, and when you say one thing - based on the shiznat that I'm doing it could mean an ENTIRELY different thing. My dad's a lawyer, and I've been a plaintiff in two lawsuits in my life - I don't know a lot about the legal system, but I have seen enough first hand to know how to bend things. Bottom line: every thing made my head hurt. I did the only thing I knew to do, and reached out to my intellectual property attorney. He got back to me super fast, and was supremely puzzled why any of this was even happening. He asked for me to call him, which I did.

An hour and some very heavy thinking later - I knew what I had to come back with regarding the paperwork, and it wasn't going to be pretty. I called my dad, and two other attorneys, and they had all said the same thing - don't sign.

I was walking over to the gym at the time when all of this was hitting - and I swear to you, I felt like I got hit by a bus. There was no dramatic moment of lightheadedness, it was just this weird understanding that holy shit, I don't need that? Are you for reals? How can I break this news and not hurt this person that I very genuinely care about? I was a fucking wreck, and suffered a psychological fugue. Well, not literally, but I did do an about face and proceed to walk down to Santa Monica Blvd and pop on a bus. See, I had EXACTLY 3 singles on me from amateur night at the strip club (just kidding, I totally made more than $3), so that was just enough money for a round trip to the beach where I knew I could collect my thoughts.

I grew up in Connecticut, and spent all of my summers growing up on boats and beaches in Maine and New Hampshire. Me and nature go together like peanuts and pumpernickel. I need it to breathe; it centers and grounds me.

I kid you not, literally the SECOND my feet hit the sand, I felt so much better.


Dude, sand slippers are the best thing EVER!!!!!


I then sat and watched the sunset, and recognized that this was all that mattered in the world. TV shows come, and TV shows go. You're hot in Hollywood for one minute, and cold the next; no matter what though, I have to look myself in the mirror everyday. There's no escaping that.

I can't understand what I have to offer someone else, until I understand the value of what I have. I know lawyers break all those things down for you, and explain what things are worth blah blah blah. But this is my HEART! It's different. Do I want to continue and do a spin off, and do xxx for xxx and bllllaahhhhhhhhhhh - I dunno. I know right now, I'm stressed and surrounded by noise. Had to flip on the headphones, set on my "chill time" playlist on my ipod touch and drown it all out.

Nothing moves anywhere until I say it does. This is my thing - and frankly what was being asked of me to sign didn't need even need to be associated with this company; I negotiate as an intellectual property separately.

I'm learning. I don't know anything about this business, but I know I have no shame in asking a trillion questions and trusting my gut when something doesn't feel right.

I am phenominally sad that I hurt someone today, but I recognize at the same time, that everything else is still going to move forward and future projects will be addressed as they come up, when I feel comfortable with proceeding.

Look at those faces. Tell me you don't want to be wrapped up in all of that! GROUP HUG!! I also, asked my parentals if I could pop back east for a few days. I need a mom and dad hug. HAHA! Lame, I know right? But my parents give the BEST HUGS EVER! And I need one - so badly. 

The rest just is, and will just be. Everything is still going crazy fast - and is awesome ... but you have to come from a place of creative inspiration versus diluting crapiddy crap crap just for the sake of a buck. That's not even necessarily what these peeps were trying to do, trust, they are EQUALLY passionate, if not more - but this is my baby. This is my site, and my thing. Other people will have other projects til the cows come home, but it doesn't mean I can't place my two feet firmly on the ground and decide for myself and the brand what I want to do. The pilot as is is rock solid, and we're just going to move forward with that for now (as to be honest, it's happening whether or not I want it to at this point. CRAZY!).

Life's too much fun, man. I love you guys. It's insane, absurd, and potentially completely pathological - but I trust my gut, and I trust that no matter what, I'll figure it out. After all, aren't that what social networks are for?


ANNNNNNNNNDDD as my commitment to you all, I promise to not keep posting all this pilot mumbo jumbo up here. I created a tumblr acct on my personal domain to keep it separate as things will be heating up over the next few weeks. So yah! Thx guys! xoxo


Yep ... so uh, we're #good 

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!! OMMFFGGGGG just got an email from one of the gods regarding the pilot, and the god said that we're good in the hood. They still have to do some of their whatevs, but as far as well, this one thing that I can't talk about - we're golden. Dude, I just got the best news of my life! HAHAHAHA! omg this is only the beginning. Such a blessing. Such a blessing. Such a blessing. It's happening, man.

What a TEEAAMMMMMMMMMMM!!! I can't STAND IT! I adore these people. Like for reals, right now - I wanna put on an apron and bake them all a red velvet cake. Only this is LA, and people don't eat. Wow, what great news. Sleeping in a bed again is not going to suck. Holy shit, my days of being homeless are almost over!!!! 

Take your passion, and make it happen!

All my love and all my heart, thanks for being in my life. 

xoxo #nerdsunite


#Randombling: That Nerdy Chick

Randombling: A 5 minute long unedited random stream of consciousness produced by a nerd for nerds.

#nowplaying: Time after Time - Cyndi Lauper

Scared. Stressed. Excited. Scared. Stressed. Excited. Scared Stressed Excited.

We're still waiting back for the news from the suits. This is utterly amazing that the negotiations have gone on for this long ... but scary as fuck, being on this end of it and not really sure what's happening. The deal is really none of my business ... I'm kinda happy about that ... but amazing since these hollywood gods are all sitting in a room discussing something that will change the rest of my life. For reals, the pilot is called, Talk Nerdy To Me, Lover. Based on the life and times of Jen Friel. Even if we get ONE episode that airs just ONCE on a major network ... based on what we did with the tech side, I will be kept very busy doing shit that I LOVE to do for like ever.

It's fucking nuts. I can't believe these people are sitting there basically deciding on the rest of my life ... right now. Like right right now.

Amazing. Humbling. Scary.

We did at one point on Thursday get something from someone, and I know its going to "work out," whatever that means ... but this big of a deal with these big of suits behind it require a lot of dotting the t-s and crossing the i-s (hehehehe ize made a funnize). Next week I'm going to be up to my eyeballs in learning all about intellectual properties and yada yada yada. YAYY!! Lawyers! Dude, this stuff makes my head hurt - you have no idea. I'm an artist, I just want to create, do cool shit, and collab with talented people. That's life, and that's what makes it all worth living.

Do what you love, and be you. It blows my mind that all of this was really that easy. It just creates this COMPLETE shift in consciousness too and the creativity that results from it ... amazing. Wow. Your senses are just SO heightened! I sound like a total wackadoodle noodle, but MAN! I've spent the last year feeling ALIVE for the first time. I just ... wow. Crazy. Overwhelming. Crazy. Overwhelming. Completely absorbed in gratitude.

Thanks nerds. Back to watching Pulp Fiction.

xoxo #nerdsunite