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#OnlineDating: The 10 personality types of men found #Tinder

Tinder has been in the news a lot lately. From Sochi athlethes declaring their on and off court "game" using the social dating site, to less fortunate press surrounding a harassment lawsuit between two of the founders. 

For those who are unaware, Tinder is a dating app that allows you to "swipe" left or right indicating interest in someone. Remember the arduous days of OKC (OkCupid) and having to devote hours to setting up your profile? Well, Tinder is your cheat sheet. It populates your photos, mutual friends, and interests through Facebook connect. Another added bonus of the app is its GPS capabilities. Each profile is populated with the user's last login, and how many miles away they are from you. (Even being an avid Foursquare user for years, I'd be lying if I said that part didn't freak me out.) 

With great trepidation, I have been actively on Tinder for the last two months. My personal experiences exempt, I can say there are very clear patterns of the type of gentleman (I use that term loosely, but respectfully) that I have come across.

They are as follows: 

1) That one guy ... who still thinks its a 1998 yahoo chatroom: 


2) That one guy ... who is obsessed with 2 Live Crew and enjoys sharing their lyical wisdom: 


3) That one guy ... who is very eager to tell you his schedule. 


4) That one guy ... who takes what you say literally. 

5) That one guy ... who leads with his "humble" card. 

6) That one guy ... who you want to stay at least 300 yards away from. 

7) That one guy ... who keeps messaging and messaging and messaging. 


... there are a lot of those guys ... much like they warn you in the zoo, do not feed the animals. 


8) That one guy ... who is surprised he actually has a match. 

9) That one guy ... who doesn't share the same sense of humor that you do. 

Even weirder. 

10) That one guy ... who is genuinely nice, but you feel like you need a shower and a confession after spending so much time on Tinder. 

Tinder provides yet another outlet for singles to connect both online, and off. While I am a fan of "putting yourself out there" by whatever means necessary, why not start with aligning your recreational activities with the type of character you seek in a mate? If you're athletic, why not join a kick ball/ sports league? Religious? Why not start volunteering at a local church? While I can't discredit my own experience with online dating, I can say that it hurts my heart to feel the lack of actual interaction had between two people, vs the beauty of two people just sharing a common interest and bonding over it.

When I begrudgingly got on Tinder, I didn't even know if I could swipe "no" to someone. What if they were just a digital n00b, and didn't set up their profile properly? Would that be a deal breaker for me?

I currently view online dating like I do slot machines -for entertainment purposes only. There's lots of shiny things, loud noises, but you never know, one try could be the one that hits the jackpot.